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Talking range of licence-free transceivers

Hatótávolság - hagyományos adóvevőkIt is especially true for transceivers that operate on frequency bands that can be used by anybody freely without obtaining a licence (e.g. PMR446). These bands being exempted for a licence for users has a caveat: the radios themselves have to conform to strict standards:  their transmit power is seriously limited and their antennas cannot be removed or replaced. Manufacturers sometimes print that their walkie talkies can bridge a distance of several kilometres, because customers – understandably – want to know how far they can communicate. In reality, these distances prove true only under ideal, or at the best: average, conditions. Between two hilltops with direct optical sight and in an area free of any radio frequency interference. But the real world is seldom this optimal. As soon as you start using the transceivers among or inside buildings, or foliage of trees „step in the way of radio waves”, other radio users „within range” start talking on the same channel, or a malfunctioning electric apparatus starts causing interference, the talking range advertised as several kilometres can quickly decrease to a few tens of metres.

Transceivers with a frequency licence

For more reliable communication, you might want to consider professional or industrial (PCR) transceivers. These radios require a permit from the telecommunications authority, which assigns a frequency to the licensee. The licensing process - especially if the distances to be covered require the installation of repeater stations - involves the submission of a radio network plan prepared by a qualified engineer. The licencing authority will choose frequencies and allow the power necessary for the location where the radios are to be deployed.  Having your own radio network system certainly incurs higher costs, and the talking range is still not unlimited: you will only be able to use the radios in the geographic area stated in the licence and the network plan. Moreover, if you would like to use the radios outside of this area, you have to apply for a nationwide frequency allocation, which pushes costs ever further up. 

Internet-based transceivers

The Anico eChat internet-based transceiver system offers a solution to the challenges of talking range and free deployment of transceivers in ever changing locations.

eChatE700 internet-based transceiver

eChat transceivers connect to the cellular data networks of mobile phone network operators or your own WiFi hotspots. Once they are online, they can communicate with one another through secure eChat servers hosted in Hungary. Therefore, transceivers can be used at any location where cellular internet is available or where you can set up a wireless internet hotspot. Anico eChat enables you to communicate without geographic barriers, range is only affected by the availability of Internet.

An important difference to industrial transceivers is that the Anico eChat transceiver-system does not use your own frequencies to communicate, which means that there is no need for a network plan to be engineered, and there is no licensing procedure involved either. 
The deployment costs of professional, repeater-based radio communication systems can easily reach beyond your budget-allowance, then you will have to pay recurring fees for the lease of the allocated frequencies. eChat PoC is usually a significantly more cost-effective solution that also allows easy financial planning. Recurring costs: monthly/quarterly/annual licence fee (can vary among companies) and costs of internet-access (mobile data SIM or on-site Wi-Fi network). 

Should you also want to test eChat transceivers, please fill in the demo order form and our colleagues will get in touch with you. 


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