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Transceivers on sale

Transceivers on sale
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Product number: AAL90X001-VSL
670.86 EUR 67.09 EUR
On stock

Expanding your reach has never been easier than now with Motorola EVX-Link. This small and lightweight system offers the latest evolution in digital technology, providing a solution with greater speed, agility and affordability. Motorola EVX-Link EVX-Link allows digital DMR radios to connect faster and with multiple coverage areas easily and seamlessly regardless of geography. EVX-Link is also portable and expandable and can be installed virtually in any situation possible. Users also don’t need to replace any infrastructure or employ a repeater. Motorola EVX-Link EVX-Link is also more cost-effective than traditional systems using IP connections and works with any DMY digital platform.

Vertex Standard VX-4600 400-470MHz mobile radio

Product number: AC093U108-MOT
343.61 EUR 240.53 EUR
On stock
Vertex Standard VX-4600 UHF 400-470MHz 512 channel mobile transceiver with microphone and power cable. In stock: 1 unit, discontinued product.


Product number: COLIBRINANO
294.89 EUR 271.30 EUR
On stock

The Expert Electronics' ColibriNANO SDR receiver opens new horizons for HF band enthusiasts, thanks to its 14-bit ADC, which provides a ~110 dB BDR and up to 3 MHz sample rate. A 0.5 ppm local oscillator gives the ColibriNANO SDR radio a great frequency stability. Using the ColibriNANO SDR receiver remotely, in some rural area will give you the lowest air noise you've ever seen while won't rob you from any comfort or functionality. The ColibriNANO SDR radio operated by Expert Electronics' ExpertSDR2 software and compatible with popular HAM software such as HDSDR, SDRSharp via the ExtIO library.


Product number: SUNSDR2 PRO
1,555.42 EUR 1,430.99 EUR
On stock

The Expert Electronics' SunSDR2 PRO SDR transceiver was designed for advanced operation on HF and VHF bands, even the most demanding operator will be surprised by its capabilities. Modern hardware along with the Expert Electronics' ExpertSDR2 software makes this high-performance SDR transceiver the perfect base station and at the same time perfectly suitable for field operations.


Product number: SUNSDR2 DX
2,279.41 EUR 2,097.06 EUR
On stock

The Expert Electronics SunSDR2 DX transceiver based on the well-known SunSDR2 PRO transceiver with several hardware improvements. It is a 100W-HF; up to 80W-6M; 8W-2M transceiver, very compact, has a separate connector for active cooling and improved supply system, meaning it’s perfectly suited for DXpeditions and contest operators. Also, we’ve added a separate connector for an external ATU, thus SunSDR2 DX has all the functionality you got used to in our radios and even more. Improved hardware along with the ExpertSDR2 software makes this high-performance SDR transceiver the perfect base station. The evident choice for a true contester!