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Caltta transceivers & accessories

Caltta Technologies Co., Ltd. (originally ZTE Corporation) was founded in 2012 as a leading provider of professional radio communication solutions. The company has more than 700 experienced professionals and over 300 technology patents. Caltta's professional transceiver systems have been successfully deployed in more than 60 countries and regions worldwide, and are widely used in local governments, public safety, emergency response, rail transportation, utilities, energy and other enterprise sectors.

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Leather strap for transceivers

Product number: AD100
4.16 EUR 2.91 EUR
1.25 EUR 30%
On stock
Leather strap for transceivers.
Manufacturer: Caltta

Caltta belt clip / eChat E350

Product number: AD200
3.40 EUR
On stock

Caltta belt clip for eChat E350 POC portable radios.

Manufacturer: Caltta

Caltta carrying case with belt clip / eChat E700

Product number: AD702
3.49 EUR
On stock

Caltta carrying case with belt clip for eChat E700 PoC portable radios.

Manufacturer: Caltta

Micro USB cable

Product number: AP700
4.41 EUR
On stock
Micro USB cable for transceivers, other devices.
Manufacturer: Caltta

Caltta belt clip / eChat E690, eChat E720

Product number: AD220
4.46 EUR
On stock
Caltta belt clip for eChat E690, eChat E720 POC radios.
Manufacturer: Caltta

Caltta antenna / eChat E350

Product number: AF351
9.95 EUR
On stock
Caltta AF350 antenna for eChat E350 PoC transceiver.
Manufacturer: Caltta

Caltta 400-470 MHz long antenna / Caltta PH600, PH660

Product number: AF590
12.04 EUR
On stock
Caltta 400-470 MHz antenna for Caltta PH600, PH660 transceivers.
Manufacturer: Caltta

Caltta AF611 antenna 400-470 MHz / PH600 series

Product number: AF611
12.04 EUR
On stock
Caltta AF611 400-470 MHz antenna for Caltta PH600 DMR handheld radio.

Caltta AC260 charger/ eChat e360, e600, e690

Product number: AC260
23.56 EUR 16.49 EUR
7.07 EUR 30%
On stock
Caltta AC260 charger withouth adapter, for eChat e360, e600, e690 transceivers.
Manufacturer: Caltta

Caltta carry case / eChat E700

Product number: AD701
20.13 EUR
On stock

Caltta carry case for eChat E700 POC portable radios.

Manufacturer: Caltta

Anico AGE9572-C1 G-shape earhook / PH600, PH660, PH690

Product number: AGE9572-C1
22.13 EUR
On stock
Anico AGE9572-C1 G-shape earhook for Caltta PH600, PH660, PH690 transceivers.
Manufacturer: Caltta

Caltta AC700 charger/ Caltta DH5, PH600

Product number: AC700
23.56 EUR
Back Order
Single unit charger pod without adapter, for Caltta DH5 and PH600 DMR radios.