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Caltta PM790 DMR mobil UHF radio GPS/Bluetooth

Model: PM790U1
Nyíregyháza (HU): 28 piece in stock
Budapest (HU): Back Order
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Caltta PM790 DMR mobile radio 2.0” display, GPS & Bluetooth

Caltta’s PM790 DMR mobile transceiver provides high quality voice service, and strictly meets the requirements of critical communication, and responses the call of professional users anywhere and anytime. DMR’s dual slot provides double channel capacity, thus easing the shortage of frequency. 

Caltta's DMR system is based on the globally recognised ETSI DMR standard, which is also used by Motorola, Hytera etc. Thus, Caltta PM series DMR transceivers are compatible with Motorola DMR radios, conventional Motorola DMR systems (1 site systems), and other DMR radios that are using ETSI DMR standard. 

Most Caltta models have basic encryption, which can be upgraded to AES256 encryption with licenses. Caltta's own dispatch software can also be integrated into the system.

Features of Caltta PM790 DMR mobile radio:

Compatible With Both Digital and Analog Standards
Can be used under the user’s existing analog network, and has better applicability, which supports smooth upgrade of network. 

Loud And Clear Sound 
Through carefully optimized audio design combined with excellent audio encoder, it provides loud and clear sound. 

Excellent Man-Machine Interface Design 
Based on professional user habits, deeply customized MMI is developed. It helps the professional users to operate radio more comfortably. 

Rich Services 
Besides voice and data services, it provides various customized services to help professional users to handle different types of tasks. 

Various External Interfaces 
Using external interfaces, users are able to avail many different functions. It provides audio port, serial port, ignition detection, local voice broadcast, GPIO and so on. 

Rich AT instructions 
Using AT instructions, users can control and integrate the mobile radio. 

Higher Safety 
The digital standard and deeply customized OS provides high safety. Professional users are able to use hardware encryption card to encrypt voice and achieve higher safety performance. 

Reliable Quality - IP54 standard
Meets IP54 standard, and is suitable for outdoor work. Shock, vibration, solar radiation and other indexes meet Mil-STD 810 G. It qualifies for all kinds of severe working environment.


In DMO, or simplex mode, the radio communicates without a repeater. In this case it is also possible to share the GPS position of the users, but without the Dispatcher program. Both the PM790 and PH690 have an optional feature to send their position to each other during DMR transmission.In this case, the GPS coordinates of the transmitting radio are displayed on the display of the receiving radio, or a bearing and distance data is displayed, depending on the programmed configuration. Within a range of 3500 meters, the radios will display fairly accurate data. The GPS DMO function can be optionally activated after purchasing a licence.

This feature can be particularly useful in areas without infrastructure, especially for search and rescue units or users engaged in similar activities.

SFR function

SFR is a DMR mode feature that can be optionally enabled in second generation Caltta devices. The idea is that one of the radios operating on the same frequency will function as a repeater in SFR mode. In Tier I, it receives DMR audio and data traffic, and in Tier II, it transmits it to the other radios at 90ms intervals. Currently, the second generation Caltta PH690 and PM790 DMR transceivers are capable of this function. It is important to note that once the SFR function is activated, our transceivers can still be used as client radios. So you can still use it as a full-fledged transceiver in SFR mode.

The SFR function allows you to increase the range without installing a normal duplex (dual frequency) repeater. Of course, this is not a replacement for a professional repeater, but it can cover a larger area if you are far apart from your colleagues. It could be useful, for example, if you are travelling in a convoy of vehicles and the SFR radio is in the middle of the convoy. Or if the SFR radio is at an elevated point.

Devices programmed for Caltta SFR repeater mode can also work with Caltta's own devices and any DMR transceiver. Currently, only the Caltta PH690 v2 and PM790 are capable of frequency transfer, i.e. SFR licensing. Caltta”s PH600 and PH660 models can only be used as client radios and cannot themselves be used as repeaters. Other brands may have different SFR settings or operation, so please contact Anico Ltd. technicians for testing before purchase. The SFR function can be optionally activated after purchasing a licence.

With 3 years manufacturer's warranty.

Caltta PM790 DMR mobile transceiver box includes:

  • PM790 mobile radio with 2.0” display, GPS, Bluetooth compatibility, optional UHF 400-470 MHz or VHF 136-174 MHz frequency
  • bracket 
  • handheld microphone 
  • GPS antenna 
  • power cable

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Digital Protocol ETSI TS102 361-1,-2,-3,-4
Frequency UHF 400-470 MHz
Channel Capacity 1024
Zone Capacity 64
Channel Spacing 12.5KHz/20KHz/25KHz
Frequency Stability +/- 0.5ppm
Operating Voltage DC13.6V +/- 15%
Size ( H×W×D ) 49×178×156mm
Weight About 1.4Kg
Screen 2.0" TFT LCD, 220×176, 4 Lines Text
Vocoder AMBE++
Bluetooth Support BT2.1+EDR/4.0
Location GPS/Glonass (Optional)
Encryption Support SW and HW Encryption(Optional)
Low Power Output 1W-25W ( UHF3 ) / 5-25W( UHF1 / VHF )
High Power Output 5-45W ( UHF1/UHF3 ) / 5-50W ( VHF )
FM Modulation 12.5KHz:11K0F3E / 20KHz:14K0F3E / 25KHz:16K0F3E
4FSK Digital Modulation 12.5KHz Data Only:7K60F1D&7K60FXD, 12.5KHz Voice Only:7K60F1E&7K60FXE, 12.5KHz Voice and Data:7K60F1W
Conducted/Radiated Emission -36dBm ≤1GHz ; -30dBm >1GHz
Adjacent Channel Power 60 dB @ 12.5KHz / 70 dB @ 20 / 25KHz
Audio Distortion ≤3%(Typical)
Sensitivity(Analog) 0.3uV (12dB SINAD )
Sensitivity(Digital) 0.3uV ( 5% BER )
Adjacent Channel Selectivity 60 dB @ 12.5KHz / 70 dB @ 20 / 25KHz ( TIA603A ) -1T 50 dB @ 12.5KHz / 75 dB @ 20 / 25KHz ( TIA603D ) -2T 60 dB @ 12.5KHz / 70 dB @ 20 / 25KHz ( ETSI )
Intermodulation 75 dB ( TIA603D ) 70 dB ( ETSI )
Spurious Rejection 75 dB ( TIA603D ) 70 dB ( ETSI )
Hum and Noise -40 dB @ 12.5KHz / -43dB @ 20KHz / -45 dB @ 25KHz
Rated Audio Power 3W ( Internal )
Max Audio Power 6W ( Internal )
Audio Distortion @ Rated Audio ≤3% ( Typical )
Dust and Water Resistance IP54
Reliability MIL-STD-810 G


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