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DWC-15 Click to enlarge
83.04 EUR (69.20 EUR + VAT)
Model: DWC-15
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DWC-15 power supply 13.8V 15A, linear.  Recommended to use with professional mobile radios as base stations. Motorola, Vertex Standard, Yaesu and Wouxun mobile radios for base stations usage.

DWC-15 power supply features:

DWC-15 is an economic type ofDC regulated power supply with amp meter. The full-load operating time is 30 minutes. It can be used to fit with communication equipment and other appliance. There is ·input fuse protecting for AC input and current-limiting or short-circuit protection for DC output.

DWC-15 power supply specifications:

Input voltage: 220VAC ±20%, 50Hz/60Hz

Output voltage: 13.8VDC

Output current: 15A

Surge current: 17A

Ripple voltage: 80mV

Protection: Short circuit

Source regulation: 3%

Load regulation: 5%

Battery charge: 12VDC

Battery input: 12VDC

Dimensions: 200(W)X 115(H)X280(D)

DWC-15 power supply operation:

1.            Insert AC power plug intö AC power outlet.

2.            With the proper output voltage, connect the unit to y_our equipment. Mark sure your equipment' s power cord must be connected to the correct polarity, which is marked near the binding post on the front panel of the unit. The reversal of polarity m


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