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eChat video call license / 1 Year / E690, E700, E720

eChat by Anico
Model: VIDEO365
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eChat video call license / 1 Year / E690, E700, E720

With two-way radio systems, by default we only have audio communication, i.e. we communicate by talking. However, in many cases it can be useful if the dispatcher or a senior radio operator can also communicate visually with the user. This is possible with the eChat video call licence.

Instant video

The user does not have to accept a video call request from the calling party separately, the camera of the device is activated immediately as soon as the other party initiates a video call. On other platforms, such a feature may take up to several seconds for the called party to notice the video call request and allow it. If they do not notice it at all, the video call is not even activated. With eChat video licences, this problem is eliminated by automatic activation. 

Who benefits from one-way video calls?

One-way video calling is when the dispatcher makes a video call to the user. In this case, only the camera image of the called party is transmitted, not that of the calling party (in this case the dispatcher). 

Practical example: a security guard would like to transmit a live video of an event to the dispatcher, but there is no time to record a video and send it afterwards. In this case, the guard will signal the dispatcher via the shared channel or in a private call. The dispatcher can then immediately start the video call and see the camera videofeeed from the guard's radio. This gives an immediate visual insight into the situation. You can even use this function as an online body camera image feed.

Can we also broadcast voice by activating the licence?

There is no audio streaming during video retrieval. This has the advantage that PTT communication can work seamlessly not only with the video streamer but also with anyone else on the channel.

Which devices can transmit video?

eChat devices with a camera: 

  • e690 with front-facing camera 
  • e700 with front and rear camera
  • e720 with front and back camera

If there are multiple cameras on the radio, which one will the video recorder see first?

The main camera image is called first, but you can manually switch between camera images. For example, in the car, you can alternate between watching the passenger compartment and the road on the dashboard transmitter.

What resolution image do we get?

By default, the radios are set to HD resolution for retrieval. However, the user can change this to Full HD resolution. Of course, a lower resolution picture can also be set to VGA mode if a lower resolution is required due to data traffic limitations.

Can we also make video calls from the transceivers to other camera devices?

The eChat E700 and E720 are equipped for this possibility, so you can start a video call by selecting the user from the menu or from the map.

Can we record the video? 

From the dispatch interface, it is possible to capture a series of snapshots of the video, but the dispatcher can also start a continuous manual video recording. Furthermore, the video calls that are initiated can also be recorded on the server, more information on this can be provided by our technical staff. 

How can I activate the video call licence in my existing fleet?

We offer the possibility to test the video license before live activation. If you find this license useful, we will activate it when you pay a monthly or annual subscription fee for that period. Our technical staff will assist you with the activation.


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