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eChat by Anico POC radios & accessories

Unlike traditional transmitters, eChat PoC (Push-to-talk over Cellular) transceivers use the Internet network instead of direct radio communication to reach each other, thus ensuring unlimited range. To operate a PoC system, a PoC provider is needed, as the devices are interconnected, and call is handled by dedicated servers are responsible for this. For the eChat system, this service is provided in Hungary by Anico Kft. The technology and the handsets were developed by Caltta, ZTE's transceiver subsidiary, and run custom software for Anico Kft. Hence the common brand name: eChat by Anico.
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Product number: E350LITEQ
1,170.83 EUR
On stock

- 4pcs eChat E350 transceivers pre-programmed
- 4pcs subscription for 1 year
- 4pcs SIM card with 1 year data usage in EU 

The 4 eChat E350 transceivers in eChat Lite Quad package are pre-programmed to connect to each other so can be put into use shortly. The special subscription tariff also includes mobile internet access throughout the European Union, which customers can use with the SIM cards included in the package. The devices end the account can be used free of charge for 1 year.