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136.85 EUR (115.00 EUR + VAT)


The Anico eChat Dispatcher Console software is the right tool for efficient, state-of-the-art job management.  The software, which is available for PCs running the Windows® operating system, allows you to conveniently overview and handle all the most important services of the Anico eChat communication platform on a single, easy-to-handle user interface.

Voice calls direct from your PC
Dispatchers can reach all co-workers, initiate or respond to calls in multiple talk groups, and can even have individual, full-duplex voice conversations with any team member using the microphone of the computer. The dispatcher is enabled to simultaneously monitor all talk groups and can see which users are listening in which group.

Text messages
The dispatcher can send short text messages to any user of the system.

Handling talk groups
Using the Anico eChat Dispatcher Console software, all talk groups are available for making calls or monitoring. What’s more, when a certain job requires a temporary group and the rearrangement of users in the talk groups, the Dispatcher Console is there to help you with its intuitive user interface.

Geographic positioning, tracking and alerts
The dispatcher can check the geographic whereabouts of co-workers any time. With this information, coordination of the workflow becomes easy and efficient. Not only can you query the current location of your work team, you can also check history: what route a user has covered. This is especially important for security service companies that need to know whether and when security patrol has checked a certain area, or for transportation companies that want to know where their goods travelled.  Geo-fencing functions are available in the software to trigger automatic alerts when users enter or leave a certain area.  This can come in handy when you would like to know if anyone from your team has entered an area, and you would like to assign them a new job based on their geographic proximity to a certain location; but you can also get alerts when your team has finished a job and has left the site.

Security functions
When a user presses the orange alarm button of the transceiver, the dispatcher immediately gets an alert.
The lone worker function is designed for the security of colleagues working alone. These co-workers need to check in at regular intervals. If a compulsory check-in is missed, the dispatcher gets an automatic alert and can try to get in touch with the user or send somebody to his last known location.

Voice recording
The Anico eChat Dispatcher Console software has an inbuilt voice recorder that allows recording all conversations taking place in the various talk groups. The locally stored audio files can then be searched from the console’s database, meaning you can at any time replay communication and check who said what in a given situation.

The price of the Anico eChat dispatcher program changes if you operate more than 20 pcs. eChat PoC radios in your fleet. In this case, the annual dispatcher program available at a price of 6 EUR / radio. For more information, contact the Anico eChat customer service at +36 1 555 61 11 phone number (Enlighs speaking customer service).



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