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eChat by Anico
Model: E350LITE
For EU private customers:
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602.14 EUR (506.00 EUR + VAT)


eChat Lite Duo E350 Internet-based Transceiver Set: 2 eChat E350 PoC Transceivers

  • unlimited range*
  • closed communication
  • easy to use
  • IP54 dust, water & impact resistance

*The devices operate in the coverage area of the nationwide 3G/4G mobile internet networks of the issuer of the SIM cards included in the package and their roaming partners in the EU.

eChat Lite internet-based transceiver packages

The E350 Internet-based transceivers included in eChat Lite packages are fast, efficient and long-distance communication devices. Unlike traditional transceivers, these devices do not connect to each other using direct radio waves. Instead, they use the mobile internet network through the SIM cards included in the package, therefore they only work with an active subscriber contract.

Benefits of eChat Lite service and transceiver sets

eChat Lite transceiver packages and the Anico eChat service are designed to make internet-based transceiver technology available to the widest possible range of users. eChat Lite transceiver sets include our most popular eChat PoC internet-based transceiver, the E350 and its accessories; there are two of them in the Duo package.

The devices in eChat Lite packages are pre-programmed to connect to each other and can be put into use shortly after a simplified contracting and activation process.

For devices in the eChat Lite packages we also offer a special subscription tariff that provides all the basic services needed for group voice communication between devices at a very affordable price. The tariff also includes mobile internet access throughout the European Union, which customers can use with the SIM cards included in the package. The devices and SIM cards included in the packages can be used free of charge for 1 year from the date of activation.

We will notify our customers before the expiry date of the annual contract and the devices can continue to be used upon payment of the next annual eChat Lite subscription fee. If the renewal is not done in time, the service will be terminated and will only become active again after the change of the SIM cards and payment of a reactivation fee. Devices will not work without a live subscription and without an active SIM card.

Optional additional services are available for eChat Lite tariff, more eChat Lite packages can be combined if a larger fleet is needed, or it is possible to switch to another price plan.

The eChat Lite transceiver packages include

  • 2 pre-programmed eChat E350 transceivers
  • basic accessories for the transceivers (antenna, battery, USB charging cable) 
  • 2 data SIM cards (Magyar Telekom) 

The eChat Lite subscription package includes
(free of charge for 1 year from activation, thereafter prepaid in annual periods)

  • 500 Mbytes of data per month, can be used EU-wide, by the data SIM cards included in the package. The SIM card can be used on the network and within the coverage area of Magyar Telekom in Hungary and its roaming partners in the EU. Roaming outside the EU is not allowed.
  • Access to Anico's eChat server, which allows communication between devices. 
  • 1 talk group (channel) per eChat Lite set. Only the devices in a talkgroup can communicate with each other. All devices within the group have the same privileges.

Additional services
(can be ordered via customer service on the basis of a price list or individual quotation)

  • Combining multiple eChat Lite sets into a common fleet (expansion)
  • Creating additional talkgroups
  • Creating collaborative talkgroups (common speech groups shared by more customers)
  • Use of dispatching software
  • GPS-based tracking
  • Change subscriber’s identity (re-contracting)
  • Change tariff package
  • Serviceshop repair, consulting

New server-side voice recording feature available for eChat customers! It can be activated free of charge on all eChat transceiver fleets and dispatch systems. It allows you to record all voice communications on your eChat system, which is saved on the server even while your dispatcher console is offline.

For more information, please contact the eChat customer service, who will also activate the feature for you.

You can activate your eChat Lite subscription on this website.

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