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Expert Electronics AAT-100 automatic antenna tuner / SunSDR2 DX

Expert Electronics
Model: AAT100
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502.25 EUR (422.06 EUR + VAT)


The Expert Electronics AAT-100 automatic antenna tuner works on all HF frequencies and allows to match a load impedance with SWR up to 5 (approximate impedance range from 15 to 300 Ohm). Based on the MB1 antenna tuner design, the AAT-100 has been developed to perfectly interface with the ExpertSDR2 software.

Compatible with Expert Electronics SUNSDR2 DX SDR transceiver.

Expert Electronics AAT-100 automatic antenna tuner specifications:

  • Input impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Operating frequency range: 0.1 – 30 MHz
  • Impedance matching range: 5 – 300 Ohm
  • Max input power: ~120 W
  • Operating temperature: -0°С – +55°С
  • Outdoor installation possible with additional protective cover
  • Weight: 1.150 kg
  • Dimension: 22.7 × 23 × 9 cm

Expert Electronics AAT-100 tuning:

1. Press the Tune button in the ExpertSDR2 to tune the tuner.

  • Minimal output power for tuning is 5W
  • Recommended output power for tuning is 15W
  • Maximum output power for tuning is 20W

2. ExpertSDR2 saves tuner's states with 50 kHz step e.g. in sections 7.0-7.05; 7.05-7.1; 7.1-7.15, etc.

3. Tuner measures SWR-level and this value may differ from what you see in the software. The correct value is the one you see in the pop-up window after the tuner is tuned. In ExpertSDR3 we'll sync them so that the correct value is displayed.

4. SWR 1.0...1.2 are considered normal, reaching this value tuner stops tuning.

5. In the ExpertSDR3 tuner status will be displayed in the software status bar e.g. ATU: Tuning; ATU: Tuned; ATU: Failed to tune.

Expert Electronics AAT-100 precautions:
1. Tuner should be used with full-sized antennas with SWR up to 1:5.
2. Tuner can be used with short antennas with SWR higher than 1:5 with caution and output power not higher than 30W.
3. Tuning elements (capacitors, inductors, relays, SWR-sensor) are not covered by warranty.

Transceivers with serial numbers EED06421900001...EED06421900100 and EED06511900101...EED06511900200 might require a voltage stability upgrade to use the AAT-100.

Expert Electronics AAT-100 automatic antenna tuner box contains:

  • AAT-100 tuner
  • 3 meter control and antenna cables


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