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Expert Electronics SUNSDR control panel E-CODER 2

Expert Electronics
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618.13 EUR (519.44 EUR + VAT)


Expert Electronics E-Coder2 is the control panel of the new generation with an HQ built-in stereo 24 bitaudio codec with 114 dB dynamic range (CS4272).

When you operate in RX mode, the ExpertSDR2/3 sends the same audio stream in the TRX and in the E-Coder2. Thus, you can listen to the air directly from the TRX or from the E-Coder2the latency in both cases is the same - almost nonexistent

Also, in Expert Electronics E-Coder2 had been implemented a special CW core to minimize latency if you monitor yourself during transmission. Now you can operate your TRX remotely, not bothering about possible monitoring delays, this is a new reality!

Expert Electronics E-Coder2 will be especially useful for those who use the ExpertRemote system and who place their transceiver at any distance from the operating position.

On the rear panel of the E-Coder2, you'll find four stereo Jack 6.3 connectors: headphones, microphone (designed for asymmetrical mics), CW-paddle, PTT footswitch.

PTT Footswitch should be connected to the PTT socket, it controls the transceiver's TX mode. When you press the footswitch, PTT Line connects to the Ground (Case), it turns the transceiver to TX. A red LED TX indicator on the panel will flash while you TX.

Straight Key should be connected to the KEY socket with disconnected ring contact. Pressing the key turns the transceiver to the TX mode and it generates a continuous CW signal (manual mode). Releasing the straight key returns the transceiver to the RX mode.

Twin-paddle Key (single-paddle) should be connected to the KEY socket. Pressing one of the key's paddles (or one side - for single-paddle) will turn the transceiver to the TX mode and begin automatic generation of dots and dashes. Releasing the paddle returns the transceiver to the RX mode.

In the Panel menu, you can see the settings of the E-Coder control panel. In the drop-down Device menu, you can select the type of the connected control panel.

Note! If one E-Coder panel is connected to the transceiver, in the Panel menu displayed one E-Coder 1 tab, if several E-Coder panels are connected to the transceiver, in the Panel menu displayed several tabs E-Coder 1, E-Coder 2, etc. with identical settings for each panel.

In the left part of the menu, you can see the schematic picture of the E-Coder panel with buttons and knobs. Press any button, you'll see the list of the available functions.

In the right part of the menu, you can see the main panel settings:

  • Enable - enable E-Coder panel control
  • Use IF - frequency tuning by moving the filter over the panorama
  • Use IF as RIT - tuning by IF when the RIT offset is on
  • Use IF as XIT - tuning by IF when the XIT offset is on
  • VFO B - enable sub-receiver
  • Adaptive tune - te faster you rotate the main knob the bigger the tuning step
  • Fine tune - enable for a more precise tuning
  • Key Led - enable backlit keypad
  • Encoder Led - enable the backlit encoder
  • Transceiver 1 - select one of the software receivers RX1 or RX2
  • No transfer PTT - drop-down menu.
  • Sound card tab

Indication of mic and headphones signals.

  • Monitor - uses the DSP core in the panel, this way audio is generated by the panel itself which eliminates monitoring delay, but the sound you hear will differ from what you actually TX on the air.
  • Monitor in TX - uses the ExpertSDR3 DSP, this way you hear exactly what you TX, but with a delay.

There are three LEDs on the E-Coder panel, from left to right:
1) Lights green when the VFO B is active
2) Lights red when on TX
3) Lights orange when the RX2 is active

For proper operation of the E-Coder2 panel USB-port should provide 5V, current not less than 0,5А. Otherwise, you might have issues with the audio—cracks, improper supply of the mic.

E-CODER 2 specifications
Supported OS Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit); Linux Ubuntu x64; macOS
Jack 6.3 on the rear panel 4
Programmable buttons 14
Programmable encoders (small knobs) 3
Optical encoder (tuning knob) 1
Optical encoder resolution (pulses) 1024 PPR
Optical encoder dimensions, mm d 48, metal
Mic input impedance, kOhm 1-2
USB cable length, m at least 1.2
Optical encoder backlight (on/off) Yes
Programmable buttons backlight (on/off) Yes
Backlight color green


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