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FERROCORE FLF-120B CLAP ON FERRIT 11,5 mm / H1000, RG213

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Model: FLF-120B
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0.86 EUR (0.72 EUR + VAT)


FerroCore FLF-120B clap on two-piece ferrit for H1000, RG213 or other Ø 11.5mm round cable;

50Ω; A: 28mm; B: 32mm

Type of ferrite: two-piece

Application: on round cable

- for mounting on mains cable;
- reduce electromagnetic interference;
- snap fastening enables multiple montage and demontage

Core material: Ni-Zn ferromagnetic

Enclosure material: polyamide
Impedance at 25MHz 50Ω
Impedance at 100MHz 100Ω
Use Cable Dia. Max. Φ 11,5 mm
Size A:28.0 (+-1), B:32.0 (+-1); C:11.5 (+-0.3); D:18.0 (+-1); E:24.0 (+-1)
Gross weight 25.9 g


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