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FT-991 - Pricing Change and Product Discontinuation

07/09/2016 01:21:00 PM
FT-991 - Pricing Change and Product Discontinuation
Thank you for your business with Yaesu. We introduce the FT-991 A that includes a new eye-stimulating Dynamic Real-Time Spectrum Scope and Multi-Color Waterfall Display. We believe that the new FT-991 A will be widely accepted as an Wide-Coverage transceiver in the market and will be useful to stimulate your business with the Yaesu products furthermore. 

ln accordance with the introduction of the FT-991 A, we inform you of the discontinuation of the original FT-991 and would like to support to enjoy a smooth transition from the original FT-991 to the next-generation FT-991A. To achieve this goal, we are introducing a very attractive price reduction for the original FT-991 effective immediately. Please understand that our last inventories of the original FT-991 are limited, and we accept and ship your orders on first come first served basis.

Please also be informed that we will soon announce an optional FT-991 Hardware Upgrade Program that will upgrade the original FT-991 currently owned by users to include the new Dynamic Real-Time Spectrum Scope and Multi-Color Waterfall Display. For Yaesu, the customers' contentment is of utmost importance, and we hope that the optional upgrade program will be favorably accepted. For more detailed information, please wait for our official announcement.

We appreciate your continued patronage of the Yaesu products.

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