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Handheld marine radios

Handheld marine radios
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119.30 EUR
Product number: AM049N303

Standard Horizon HX-300E handheld marine radio. Floating, Submersible IPX8 - 5FT for 30 minutes, 5 Watt transmit power, Unique USB charging system, E2O (Easy To Operate) menu system, Volume & squech indication on the display, Water activated LED light, Preset Key (Maximum 10 channels), Preset channel scan function, 600 mW loud internal speaker audio, Programmable Scan, Priority Scan, Dual watch and Tri Watch, Supplied with 1560 mAh 3.7V Li-Ion Battery, AC USB Plug and charging cable.

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208.32 EUR
Product number: AM039N103

Standard Horizon HX-400 marine handheld radio. 

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210.06 EUR
Product number: AM031N117

STANDARD HORIZON HX-851 E VHF. Floating - Submiersible IPX7 ( 1metre for 30 minutes), Built in 12 Channel GPS receiver, Luninescent Glow in the Dark Gasket, Waypoint entry ( 200 Waypoints), Naviagte to waypoint with uniquie compass display, Navigate ot DSC Distress or Position Request call, 6 Watt Transmit Power on Internal Li-Ion Battery, Large easy to read LCD display, DSC Functions include Distress call with Position and Designation. All Ship Urgency, and Safety calls DSC calls supported include individual and Group Calls, Position Request, Position report.

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On stock
255.36 EUR
Product number: AM057N302
Standard Horizon  HX-870E FLOATING Class D DSC Handheld VHF with GPS. 
Average rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!