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Hytera HM785 UHF DMR mobil transceiver / Bluetooth, GPS

Model: HM785LGBTUV
Nyíregyháza (HU): 2 piece in stock
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810.63 EUR (681.20 EUR + VAT)


The Hytera HM785 DMR mobile radio is the next generation of professional digital mobile radio providing greater flexibility and scalability. This mobile radio with DMR technology supports a single control head as standard with options for remote control head mounting and dual control head to suit different environments (such as vehicles, motorcycles and fixed control rooms) ensuring efficient communication. The new UI interface facilitates faster operations and the AI-based noise cancellation technology guarantees clearer voice even in the noisiest environments. It is also the first ever DMR radio that can support the IP Transit Solution feature. It comes with a rich digital mobile feature set including a broad range and ability to integrate into existing services, which provides greater efficiency. Built-in Bluetooth 5.0, allows wireless accessory (such as wireless remote speaker microphone) adaptation and data transmission.

  • Screen: 2.4-inch colour screen with simple UI interaction to improve operation
  • IP Transit Solution: first ever Hytera DMR radio that can support the IP Transit Solution feature
  • Function Button: patented button structure design provides greater feedback to the operator with 6 programmable keys for customised operation for quick access to features used on regular basis
  • Faster Cooling: improved case design improves heat dissipation to improve cooling when using higher transmit power levels
  • High Reliability: textured features make it easier to distinguish each functional area. The frame has a greater wear resistance and enhanced screen design provides greater reliability
  • Scalable ports: accessory Port and Ethernet Port provide connectivity to external accessories and other devices


Flexible control heads and accessories allow installation according to the users requirements. The connection cable of the remote control head can be either 3m, 10m or 40m as standard. A connection cable of up to 120m is also available (Customisation required).


Adopts AI noise cancellation technology to filter out background noise (such as road noise), eliminate echoes, enhance speech and reduce howling when in close proximity to the transmitting radio. With this technology, the mobile radio provides crisper and clearer audio when transmitting and receiving voice calls.


Improved receiver sensitivity improves audio quality in weak signal areas to provide clearer audio.


Supports multiple connections through the accessory and network (Ethernet) ports. It also supports Clarity Transmission and back to back connections which will greatly facilitate your solutions.

Hytera HM785 DMR mobile transceiver box includes:

  • Hytera HM785 moile radio
  • bracket 
  • handheld microphone 
  • GPS antenna 
  • power cable
  • fuse

Puzzles of Encryption: Safe Utilisation of Transceivers in Our Days 
Anico's product range expanded with Hytera products

Frequency range UHF:350-470 MHz
Channels & zones Channel capacity:1024, Zone capacity:64, Channels per zone:256
Channel spacing Analogue:12.5kHz/20kHz/25kHz, Digital:12.5kHz
Operating voltage 13.6 V DC ±15%
Current drain standby:<0.5 A, receive:<2.0 A, transmit 1W:<3 A, transmit 5W:<4 A, transmit 25W:<8 A, transmit 45W/50W:<12 A
Frequency stability +0.5 ppm
Antenna impedance 50 Ohm
Dimensions(W×H×D) 61.5 x 177 x 179 mm
Weight 1520g
Display 2.4 inch LCD display
Digital protocol ETSI-TS102 361-1,-2,-3,-4
Sensitivity Analogue:0.18µV (12dB SINAD), Analogue:0.16µV (12dB SINAD) (typical), Digital:0.18µV / BER 5%
Selectivity TIA-603:60dB @12.5kHz / 70dB @20/25kHz, ETSI:60 dB @12.5kHz / 70dB @20/25kHz
Intermodulation TIA-603:70 dB, ETSI:70 dB
Spurious response rejection TIA-603:70 dB, ETSI:70 dB
Blocking TIA-603:80 dB, ETSI:84 dB
Hum and noise 40 dB @12.5kHz, 43 dB @20kHz, 45 dB @25kHz
Rated audio power output internal (20 Ohm load):3W, external (8 Ohm load):7.5W
Max audio power output internal (20 Ohm load):8W, external (8 Ohm load):20W
Rated audio distortion <3%
Audio response +1 to -3 dB
Conducted spurious emission < -57 dBm
RF power output Low Power model:1-25 W, High Power model:1-45 W (UHF); 5-50 W (VHF)
FM modulation 11K0F3E @12.5kHz, 14K0F3E @20kHz, 16K0F3E @25kHz
4FSK digital modulation 12.5kHz data only:7K60FXD, 12.5kHz data and voice:7K60FXW
Conducted/radiated emission -36dBm @<1GHz; -30dBm @>1GHz
Modulation limiting ±2.5kHz @12.5kHz; ±4.0kHz @20kHz; ±5.0kHz @25kHz
FM hum and noise 40dB @12.5kHz; 43dB @20kHz; 45dB @25kHz
Adjacent channel power 60dB @12.5kHz; 70dB @20/25kHz
Audio response +1 to -3 dB
Audio distortion <3%
Digital vocoder type AMBE+2™
Operating temperature -30°C to +60°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +85°C
ESD IEC 61000-4-2 (level 4), +8kV (contact); +15kV (air)
American Military standard MIL-STD-810G
Dust & water protection IP54
Humidity per GJB150A-2009, MIL-STD-810H standard
Shock and vibration per GJB150A-2009, MIL-STD-810H standard
Location Service
TTFF (time to first fix) cold start < 1 minute
TTFF (time to first fix) hot start < 10 seconds
Horizontal accuracy < 5 meters


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