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Last year Yaesu Musen Co. Ltd was celebrating 60 years anniversary

10/02/2017 09:22:52 AM
Last year Yaesu Musen Co. Ltd was celebrating 60 years anniversary

In 2016 it was 60 years of Sako Hasegawa JA1MP founding the company called Yaesu Musen Co. Ltd. The name YAESU is still one of the districts of Tokyo. The name is related to the Dutch adventurer Jan Joosten, who in the 17th century donated a house to the community of Edo (part of Tokyo today), which was named after him by the locals to Yayosu Quay, and it changed over time to YAESU. This is where Sako founded the company, and named it after. The word Musen means radio in Japanese. At the beginning they produced car radios built on valves, but later they repositioned to amateur radio.

For this 60th anniversary, the engineers of YAESU developed a uniquely designed desktop microphone, which was named M-1.

This microphone has a number of interesting features. There are two different microphone elements built in it. One of them is a condenser microphone, the other one is a dynamic one. These can be switched depending on what kind of equipment is used and what is the purpose. The condenser microphone provides a cleaner sound and smoother frequency response, while the dynamic one is richer in low and medium sounds, which provides a more friendly tone in the daily, short-distance communication.

Another interesting feature is the 9-channel speech equalizer with an LCD voice scope. Other small details: 20-Second voice recording, headphones connector, PTT lock, low-cut and high-cut audio filters for the proper filtering of the voice band, volume control for the headphones, etc. The microphone can be used with all YAESU desktop and mobile radios.

The special jubilee version has a golden ring, and sold only in limited quantities. It cannot be ordered later. The price is accordingly high. Anico Kft. Will receive three pieces in the beginning of March. They will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

Yaesu, M1     

Another news is that Yaesu started the production of the upgrade kit for the FT-991. With this hardware kit the FT-991 can be converted to an FT-991A. With this modification, the 7-colour switchable spectrum scope and the 7-colour selectable multi-colour waterfall display will be available.

Upgrading can only be performed at the selected YAESU services. In Central Europe, only Anico Kft., will do the upgrading. The kit will not be available commercially. It is expected that upgrading can begin in May. Further information will be provided in our newsletters, on our Facebook timeline, and in our webshop.

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