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Caltta licensed handheld transceivers

Caltta - a subsidiary of ZTE, the telecommunications and information technology giant - founded in 1985. The company provides comprehensive solutions for a wide range of industrial transceivers. Their licensed and internet-based transceiver systems are also characterised by innovation and high reliability. The radio systems supplied by Caltta have nearly 3 million users in 50 countries around the world. Caltta's DMR system is based on the globally recognised ETSI standard, which is the most widely used by professional users.

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Manufacturer: Caltta

Caltta PH600L DMR analog / digital handheld radio

Product number: PH600LU1
193.05 EUR
On stock

Caltta PH600L DMR analog/digital radio

Rugged and Simple 
For the Everyday User Who Needs to Stay Connected

  • Digital and Analog Compatible 
  • Light and Portable 
  • Loud and Clear Audio 
  • Large Capacity Battery 
  • 2-slot DMO, Mandown Function 
  • IP68