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Caltta professional repeaters for licensed radios

The Caltta DMR system consists of transmitters, repeaters and a dispatch console. With extended coverage and analogue-to-digital compatibility, the system supports a rich set of voice and data services to meet a variety of needs. Caltta repeaters have compact design, high performance and efficiency, they are easy to operate and configure. Caltta DMR system has one of the best price/value ratios of any complex repepater systems on the market.

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Manufacturer: Caltta

Caltta PR900 U1 UHF DMR analog / digital repeater

Product number: PR900U1
1,949.22 EUR
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The Caltta PR900 DMR analog / digital repeater has a slim and compact design, yet high performance and efficiency, and it is easy to operate and configure. 

  • Compact 1U Design 
  • Smart Digital-Analog Auto Detection 
  • Control Panel with 2.0 ”LCD Screen and Multiple Function Buttons 
  • IP Connection, Multiple Networking Solutions for Various Scenarios 
  • Higher Security and Reliability 
  • Dispatcher Connectivity 
  • Support AIS Protocol to Interwork with the third-party Vendors' Dispatcher 
  • Accessory Expansion Facility