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Caltta licensed mobile transceivers

Caltta - a subsidiary of ZTE, the telecommunications and information technology giant - founded in 1985. The company provides comprehensive solutions for a wide range of industrial transceivers. Their licensed and internet-based transceiver systems are also characterised by innovation and high reliability. The radio systems supplied by Caltta have nearly 3 million users in 50 countries around the world. Caltta's DMR system is based on the globally recognised ETSI standard, which is the most widely used by professional users.
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Caltta PM790 400-470 MHz DMR mobil radio with GPS and Bluetooth

Product number: PM790U1
500.94 EUR
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Caltta’s PM790 DMR mobile transceiver provides high quality voice service, and strictly meets the requirements of critical communication, and responses the call of professional users anywhere and anytime. DMR’s dual slot provides double channel capacity, thus easing the shortage of frequency.