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Unique and the most advanced "combo" controller for Antenna Switching, SteppIR control, Rotator control and automatic Power Amplifier support available today. Microham Station Master is a unique controller on the market designed mainly for small or moderate, multiple antenna, single rotator/SteppIR or UltraBeam stations. Provides radio control, antenna switch control, band pass filters switching, selective SteppIR or UltraBeam tuning, computer controlled rotator interface, interface for automatic power amplifiers, sequencer for receiving antennas and many additional features.

The interface is suitable for connecting any type of transceiver that has a CAT port. For example, Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom, Elecraft, Ten-Tec.

Microham Station Master box contains: product, installation CD, power connector (the power cord must be made by you), USB A/B cable, clip on ferrit rfi filter, PS/2 cable (mini DIN 6), RCA/RCA cable, DB15 male connector. 

The device is compatible with a wide range of radios, so you need to create a radio-specific cable, it is not supplied in the box. If necessary, we can manufacture these cables and you can ask for our unique quotation! Cabling and device setup can be downloaded here: http://www.microham.com/contents/en-us/d137.html

You can check the Microham Station Master front panel layout and back panel connenctors by clicking here!

Driver software and user manual can be downloaded here: http://www.microham.com/contents/en-us/d29_downloads.html


Microham Station Master block diagram:

Microham Station Master features:


  • Programmable Antenna, BPF, Rotor and PA controller
  • Twenty (20) programmable relay outputs
  • Integrated level converter for transceiver computer control port
  • Decodes all frequencies of connected transceiver, including 75m, 6m, VHF and UHF
  • Unlimited number of custom defined frequency segments “bands”
  • Single USB connection to computer
  • Stand alone operation
  • Internal Rotator control
  • Virtual Rotators function
  • Separate RX/TX antenna support
  • Automatic Antenna Scan function
  • Separately programmable up to 20 outputs sequencer
  • Automatic power amplifier support
  • Fully compatible and simple integrated with microHAM “keyers” MK, DK, CK, MKII and MK2R
  • Proprietary SteppIR/UltraBeam support for automatic tunning and protection
  • Hot Switch protection with user defined timing
  • TX Inhibit support for Yaesu's transceivers
  • Receive only antennas support
  • Optical isolation from computer
  • PS/2 keyboard or keypad with dual control of Station Master and microHAM “keyer”
  • Integrated chokes and filters for maximum RFI immunity
  • Metal/Aluminum case, powder coated and silk screened
  • Free, no time limit firmware/software upgrades via Internet

Radio control:

  • Integrated level converter for CI-V, FIF-232, IF-232, or RS-232
  • Up to 57600 Baud with fake handshake support
  • Supports most Elecraft, Icom, Kenwood, Ten-Tec, Yaesu and other radios

Antennas Control (Port A):

  • Ten (10) programmable relay outputs
  • Configurable power for common
    • ground
    • 13.8V positive
    • external power, max. + 24V
  • Compatible with all remote antenna switches using common ground or positive control

Additional Antennas or BPF Control (Port B):

  • Six (6) programmable relay outputs
  • Configurable power for common
    • ground
    • 13.8V positive
    • external power max. + 24V
  • Compatible with all automatic BPF on the market

RX Antennas and TX Sequencer (Port B):

  • Four (4) programmable relay outputs
  • Both poles of relay contact available
  • Independent settings of Lead and Tail delay for each sequencer output

Internal Rotator Control:

  • Three (3) programmable relay outputs
  • Both poles of relay contact available
  • Configurable support for BRAKE or SPEED control
  • Support for multi-turn rotators
  • Support for rotators with analog (pot) or discrete (pulse) azimuth read back
  • Programmable software limit switches
  • Dead zone definition
  • Target finding strategy selection for optimal handling
  • Support for “slipping” rotators
  • Four memories for most wanted azimuths
  • Automatic azimuth control from logger

Virtual Rotator Control:

  • Unlimited number of antennas can be joined to Virtual Rotator
  • Programmable azimuth ranges for each Virtual Rotator antenna
  • Automatic azimuth control from logger
  • Unlimited number of Virtual Rotators per Band

Power Amplifier Control:

  • Automatic tunning for CI-V controlled automatic amplifiers (Icom PW1, Expert SPE, Tokyo Hy-Power)
  • Automatic band switching for BCD controlled amplifiers (Yaesu VL-1000, FL-7000)
  • Support for QSK Power Amplifiers

Microham Station Master specifications:

USB USB 2.0 Full speed, USB 1.1 compatible
Power consumption USB – less than 100mA
Power supply max.1.8A at +13.8V (max. +16V)
CAT RxD, TxD – max. 57600 Baud, RTS fixed level output max.1mA
Levels TTL, inverted TTL, open collector bus, RS232
Serial RS232 levels, RTS fixed level output max.1mA, up to 9600 baud
PA CI-V open collector bus max.40mA, up to 9600 baud
All relay outputs 30VDC, 48VAC, max.2A
External PORT A power max. +24V/1.3A
External PORT B power max. +24V/1.3A
PS/2 consumption max. 200mA at +5V
Rotator analog input 10K ohm, max. +/-12V
Rotator pulse input active when grounded, max.+24V/5mA
Rotator reference output 9V, max.20mA
PA Keying output open collector, max.+45V/800mA
PA Keying input active when grounded, max.+24V/5mA
PA ON/OFF control +12V, max.100mA
Dimensions W 230mm (9") x H 44mm (1.73") x D 160mm (6.3")
Weight 1.3 kg (1.875 lbs.)


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