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Motorola CLK446 0.5 W PMR RADIO

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189.11 EUR (157.59 EUR + VAT)
Model: CLU0206BDLAA
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Motorola Solutions’ CLK446 two-way radio is the sleek device that clicks with your professional image and environment. Incredibly versatile, lightweight and comfortable to wear, it is unlike any portable radio you’ve used before.

The CLK446 radio balances iconic design with excellent performance and everyday durability. With its slim profile, audio options and intuitive ergonomics, it is a  simple yet powerful productivity tool. Now your staff can collaborate instantly, respond to customers quickly, and elevate service throughout your enterprise.

Two models are available: the 8 channel, 0.5W CLK446 meets the requirements of PMR446 for unlicensed use, and the CLK446 PLUS offers high powered 1W output with 20 channel capacity and repeater capability.


Personality and Productivity in One
The unique styling of the CLK projects a professional image to your customers without sacrificing performance. With its wide range of wearable accessories, you can attach the radio to a lanyard, clip to a jacket or belt, or wear comfortably on the wrist or arm. The brilliant LED display lets you see status information like active channel, volume level and more in any light.

So Thin and Light, It Redefines Radio
We designed the CLK with all-day comfort and versatility in mind. The antenna is integrated into the body of the radio to reduce bulk and keep the profile sleek. At only 98 mm long and 13.5 mm thick, this radio is light to carry and easy to hold. But don’t let its good looks fool you – like every Motorola radio, it’s built to withstand everyday abuse.

Read the LED Display in Any Light
The CLK boasts a brilliant LED display that lets you see key status updates including active channel, volume  levels, scan mode and more with the simple touch of a button.

Performance that Lives Up to Its Looks
Communicating with this portable radio is seamless and effortless, from the bustling shop floor to the quiet hotel corridor. With Motorola’s renowned technology, your staff can hear and be heard without static or interference. You 

can be confident they can talk clearly and reliably to the ends of coverage.

Wear It Any Way You Want
Select the best carry accessory to complement your workplace and style: just “click” the lanyard, armband, wrist wrap, belt or magnetic clip into the radio’s central socket and you’re ready to go. The built-in speaker means users hear messages clearly, or they can add a range of earpieces for more discreet communication that won’t disturb or be overheard by others.

Access Intuitive Controls on the Go
Easy-to-use volume and menu controls allow you to make changes to the radio settings, and changes will be seen instantly on the LED display. The large push-to-talk button is located on the front of the radio so it’s simple
to find and operate even without looking. Plus, the voice announcement feature guides you nimbly through the menu when you are unable to view the radio display.

Key Functionality

Extended Talk Range: CLK446 can communicate up to 7,400 square metres / 6 floors. CLK 446 PLUS is repeater compatible, allowing you to achieve even greater coverage. Actual coverage achieved depends on terrain and environmental conditions.
Voice Announcement
: Provides voice guidance to easily navigate through radio settings.
Auto Power Off
: Powers off automatically to conserve battery if no activity is detected for more than two hours.
Call Tones
: Choose between 3 different ring tones to identify who is calling.
VOX: Enables voice operated transmissions providing hands-free operations.
Customer Programming Software (CPS)
: Customise channel voice prompts and more by using the free Customer Programming Software.
Long Battery Life
: Delivers battery life up to 10 hours @0.5W (CLK446 PLUS gives up to 9 hours @1W) with 5/5/90 usage pattern. Actual time experienced may vary based on usage pattern.

Antimicrobial Coating: Tough, polycarbonate housing contains built-in antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria and mould on the radio surfaces.
Reliable and Durable: Designed and tested to meet Military Standards 810 C, D, E, F and G, including temperature shock, vibration, low temperatures and humidity.


Motorola CLK446 box contains:

  • CLK446 radio
  • CLK446 quick start guide
  • CLK446 user manual
  • Wall charger adapter
  • PMLN7409A Single unit charger
  • HKNN4014A LiIon battery 1300 mAh
  • HKLN4529A headset
  • PMLN7078A spring belt clip

Notes: This license free radio is sold with factory default programming. If you need to customize your radio (CTCSS/DCS codes per channels, battery save mode, VOX operation, VOX delay, user defined keys, monitor, scan function, transmit time out) you have to find one of the authorized Motorola partner in your country or buy a programming cable (HKKN4027) with software from us. Cost of programming is different by partners. The other option is to ask us to contact you for programming before shipping. Anico Kft. 4400 Nyíregyháza, Debreceni út 125. +36-42-507-620 mail@anico.hu Budapest office: 1107 Budapest Ceglédi út 1-3. +36-1-339-0190 anicobp@anico.hu



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