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Motorola MOTOTRBO Single Input Noise Cancellation (SINC+) - License key

Motorola Solutions
15.40 EUR (12.83 EUR + VAT)
Model: HKVN4371A
Availability: Unique order
Not Rated
3-year warranty
for Yaesu and Standard Horizon radios
2-year warranty
for Motorola Soluitons licensed professional radios & repeaters
1-year warranty
for all other products
15.40 EUR (12.83 EUR + VAT)


Motorola MOTOTRBO Single Input Noise Cancellation: this orders the Licence key to activate the Single Input Noise Cancellation (SINC+) feature in a DP2x00 / DP2x00e / DP3441 / DP3441e / DP3661e / DP4x0x / DP4x0xe / DP4x01 Ex / DP4x01 Ex Ma / SL2600 / SL40x0 / SL40x0e / DM2600 / DM4x0x / DM4x0xe radio. This feature offers certain enhanced noise suppression benefits using a standard microphone which are normally associated with more expensive dual microphone accessories.


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