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PastPay terms

PastPay BNPL payment information for business customers

Buy Now Pay Later, i.e. BNPL payment method: to make purchases and payments smoother for our business customers, we are introducing the PastPay BNPL payment method. This allows your company to continue placing your corporate purchases with us/in our webshop immediately, but only pay the invoice later, after 30 days. 

How does it work?

  1. If you buy us a company, at checkout, choose PastPay BNPL payment option.*
  2. Register and make the customer identification on PastPay site to manage your BNPL payment purchases transparently later.
  3. Successful order! Pay later by bank transfer to the account number indicated in the invoice clause. PastPay will send you an email reminding you when the payment is due.

PastPay registration steps:

  • Registration is done through the PastPay interface, to which you will be automatically redirected. You will be automatically transferred to the PastPay account.
  • Customer identification - In this step, a company representative is required to upload his/her ID and take a live photo (selfie) of his/herself. You can read more about customer identification here.
  • Finalise your purchase.

You only need to complete registration and customer identification at the time of your first purchase.

Why is PastPay BNPL payment a good choice?

  • Secure shopping: you only need to pay after you received your order.
  • PastPay BNPL payment is not considered a loan, so it does not affect your creditworthiness.
  • You can get financing more easily and on more convenient terms, with instant approval.
  • Increases your purchasing power: you can make urgent or high-value purchases without an immediate payment.
  • You can invest in growth: instead of immediate payment, you can use your financial resources for growth by paying for purchases when it's convenient or when you've already made a profit.

Is there a maximum order limit?

When you make your first purchase with BNPL payment, PastPay will process your order in 2 seconds. Based on this, it will set a limit for you to use for PastPay BNPL payments. If the total amount of a purchase exceeds this amount, PastPay will not be available.

You may also have paid with PastPay in several places and the total amount of your purchases is higher than your purchase limit. In this case, the BNPL payment will not be available to you until you have settled your balance.

Is there an extra cost for using PastPay?

There is a minimum surcharge for 30-day BNPL payment, which consists of a factoring fee and an interest surcharge. Overall it is 3% extra charger for 30 days BNPL payment, calculated on the value of the basket. The exact amount can be checked in the shopping cart after selecting the PastPay payment method.

In which countries is the PastPay BNPL payment method provided by Anico Kft. currently available? 

Hungary, Romania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

In which currency can I pay if I choose the PastPay BNPL payment method? 

Currently you can pay in all currencies available at Anico Kft. (HUF, EUR, RON) via PastPay.

Did you run into a problem with PastPay BNPL payments?

Please report it to our service partner by clicking here.

For further questions, you can visit PastPay website or contact PastPay at e-mail address.

* Please note that PastPay BNPL payment is not available for all customers. Once you select the payment option, PastPay's system will automatically process and send you a confirmation if BNPL payment is available for you.

The 30-day BNPL payment is provided by PastPay [Péntech Financial Solutions Zrt.]. This information does not constitute an offer.  Anico Kft. and Péntech Financial Solutions Zrt. reserve the right to terminate the service or change the terms and conditions.

Downloadable documents:

PastPay BNPL Customer Information

Customer Identification Manual

Buyer verification through Sumsub