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Programming, license keys

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11.08 EUR
Product number: SZ018

Programming analog radios. For our customers, the first porgramming service is free!

Unique order
12.11 EUR
Product number: HKVN4497A

Motorola MOTOTRBO HKVN4497A received audio leveling license key for Motorola DP1000, DM1000 series radios.

Unique order
22.15 EUR
Product number: SZ035
Programming digital radios. For our customers the first programming service is free!
Unique order
41.80 EUR
Product number: HKVN4297A
Motorola MOTOTRBO HKVN4297A IP SITE CONNECT license key for Motorola DP1400, DM1000, SL1600 series.
Unique order
82.49 EUR
Product number: HKVN4204A
Motorola MOTOTRBO analog/digital HKVN4204A upgrade software license key for Motorola DP1000 and DM1000 series.
420.00 EUR
Product number: ABA79X003

Yaesu FT-991-VerUP UPGRADE KIT makes an FT-991 almost an FT-991A. This original YAESU kit expands an FT991 with the following functions: Real-Time Spectrum Scope, Multi-color waterfall display, Selection of 7 Sprectrum Scope Waterfall Display Colors.