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Yaesu airband radio accessories

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6.55 EUR
Product number: CB6671001


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7.19 EUR
Product number: T9101606

Yaesu T9101606 USB programming cable for Yaesu FTA-550, Yaesu FTA-750, 450 airband radios and for Standard Horizon GX-6000, GX-6500 mobile marine radios.

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10.33 EUR
Product number: AAK34X003

Yaesu SAD-11C AC adapter/charger for Yaesu airband radios and Yaesu amateur radios.

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13.67 EUR
Product number: SAD-20C
Yaesu SAD-20C AC adapter charger for Yaesu FTA-250L, FT-25, FT-65, FT4-XE, FT-4VE transceivers.
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15.10 EUR
Product number: Q3000280
Yaesu SRA-18A antenna for Yaesu FTA-450, 550, 750, 250 handheld airband radios.
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16.07 EUR
Product number: ABB20X001
Yaesu SCU-37 programming cable, data cable for Yaesu FTA-250L airband radios and Standard Horizon HX handheld marine radios.
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17.20 EUR
Product number: AAK23X001


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21.03 EUR
Product number: AAK24X001

YAESU SBH-11 charger cradle (without adapter) for YAESU FTA-550L, FTA-550AA, FTA-750L, FTA-450L airband transceivers. Compatible adapter is the SAD-11C, which you have to order separately.

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22.30 EUR
Product number: AAL55X001

Yaesu SEP-10A earphone for Yaesu airband radios and Standard Horizon HX-890E marine radio. Can be used only with SSM-10A speaker microphones.

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24.88 EUR
Product number: AAK38X001

Yaesu SDD-12 DC cable with cigarette-lighter adapter for Yaesu airband radios.

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31.53 EUR
Product number: ABA77X001
Yaesu SBR-25LI battery 7.4V 1950 mAh for Yaesu FT-65 and FT-25 amateur handheld radios and Yaesu FTA-250L airband radios.
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40.21 EUR
Product number: ABA22X001

Yaesu SCU-15 headset cable for Yaesu airband radios.

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43.44 EUR
Product number: ABA78X001
Yaesu SBR-26LI battery 7.4V 2500 mAh for Yaesu FT-65 and FT-25 amateur handheld radios and FTA-250L airband radios.
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50.33 EUR
Product number: AAK15X001

Yaesu SBR-12LI 7,4V 1800mAh Li-ion BATTERY FOR Yaesu FTA-550L AND FTA-750L AIRBAND RADIOS.

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64.84 EUR
Product number: AAK07X001

Yaesu SSM-10A speaker microphone for Yaesu airband radios.

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Blogger’s Review of the Wouxun KG-UVN1

This radio appeared in the Wouxun product lineup early 2019, in Hungary however it only had its debut in March 2020.
With my experience gathered over the years, I am actually happy that this time I am not reviewing a brand new device. Why? Usually, when new devices are put to market, despite all the extensive testing, the firmware always has some room for polishing. A one year old radio on the other hand usually has a firmware version already updated and bugfixed, and you can do without hunting for patches, firmware update or cope with menus full of irritating small bugs. I believe, this one year has been worth the wait.

SDRplay webinars and video reviews

We are informing you about some news from SDR World: about SDRplay's series of webinars, and about lots of video reviews.

What's new in the SDR world We have already shown you one of our latest favourites: the new SDRPlay RSPdx. Now you can hear and read about others' opinion about it.
A mini computer is enough to set up an SDR receiver


These micro computers are strong enough, no wonder radio hams make good use of them for DIY projects.
SDRplay have also compiled an image file with software needed for using your SDR. You just need to copy it to a Micro SD card and you can start listening on the radio bands.

RTLSDR through the eyes of an SWL observer over the past 8-10 years

SDR radio became popular in Hungary around 2012-2013 thanks to the RTL chip versions appearing among DVB-T Chinese USB TV receivers. Back then you couldn’t get these devices in Hungary, you had to order them from China. Since then the situation has changed a lot here, too.