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Model: RG-11
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RG-11U coax cable75 ohm. Price is for 1 meter cable!

Environmental Space Indoor/Outdoor
Conductor AWG Stranding Material Nominal Diameter No. of Coax 14 Solid BC - Bare Copper 0.064"=1.63mm
Conductor Count 1
Conductor Size 14 AWG=1.63mm
Material Nominal Diameter Gas-injected FHDPE - Foam High Density Polyethylene 0.285"=7.25mm
Braid BC Bare Copper 80 %
Outer Jacket Material PE - Polyethylene 0.4"=10.15mm
DCR Nominal Conductor DCR Conductor Resistance Nominal Inner Shield DCR Nominal Outer Shield DCR 2.6 Ohm/1000ft 2.6 Ohm/1000ft 1.7 Ohm/1000ft 1.5 Ohm/1000ft
Nom. Capacitance Conductor to Shield 16.1 pF/ft
Inductance Nominal Inductance 0.097 µH/ft
Impedance Nominal Characteristic Impedance 75 Ohm
Return Loss (RL) Frequency [MHz] Minimum Return (RL) 5-850 MHz 21 dB, 850-4500 MHz 15 dB
Frequency [MHz] Nom. Insertion Loss 1 MHz 0.14 dB/100ft 3.6 MHz 0.3 dB/100ft 10 MHz 0.4 dB/100ft 71.5 MHz 1.1 dB/100ft 135 MHz 1.6 dB/100ft 270 MHz 2.3 dB/100ft 360 MHz 2.6 dB/100ft 540 MHz 3.3 dB/100ft 720 MHz 3.8 dB/100ft 750 MHz 4 dB/100ft 1000 MHz 4.6 dB/100ft 1500 MHz 5.9 dB/100ft 2250 MHz 7.4 dB/100ft 3000 MHz 9 dB/100ft 4500 MHz 12.5 dB/100ft
Delay Nominal Delay Nominal Velocity of Propagation (VP) [%] 1.2 ns/ft 84 %
Voltage Non-UL Voltage Rating 300 V RMS
Temperature Range Non-UL Temp Rating:80°C
Operating Temp Range -55°C To +80°C
Bulk Cable Weight 112 lbs/1000ft
Max Recommended Pulling Tension 170 lbs
Min Bend Radius/Minor Axis 5 in
RG Type 11/U Type
Suitability - Aerial Yes - When supported by messenger wire
Suitability - Indoor Yes
Suitability - Outdoor Yes


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