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A mini computer is enough to set up an SDR receiver

17/12/2019 11:40:36 AM

These micro computers are strong enough, no wonder radio hams make good use of them for DIY projects.

SDRplay have also compiled an image file with software needed for using your SDR.
You just need to copy it to a Micro SD card and you can start listening on the radio bands.

We also tried this compilation and made a video of it, which you can watch by clicking here.
(for English subtitle click on the subtitles button)

For this test project we used the following gear:

SDRplay RSP1A receiver
Raspberry Pi 3 micro computer
USB cable
5V 3A minimum power supply for the RPI
HDMI monitor

The SDRplay image file and English manual are found here:
Software for writing the image file on an SD card was downloaded from here:
Direct Image download:

If we do all correctly, radio reception will start.

HINT: The software running on the RPI did not crash during the test, however, after about 30 minutes of operation, the heatskinks got very hot. It is advisable to replace the passive cooling system of the Raspberry Pi to some active cooling system. This can result in smoother running of the software and prevent damage to the hardware.

We wish all of you happy tinkering and good radio reception!

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