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Motorola WAVE Safeguard license for TLK25 transceivers / 1 year

Motorola Solutions
Model: SSV00S03944A
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123.76 EUR (104.00 EUR + VAT)


Motorola Wave license for Motorola TLK25 POC radios with Safeguard option for 1 year. Safeguard option offers a wide range of security and convenience functions for TLK25 radios.

The Motorola Wave TLK PoC transceivers will only work with the purchase of Wave licenses. The license ensures that the PoC transceiver connects seamlessly to a central server operated by Motorola over internet network.

Depending on what features the user wants to have on the TLK25 device, it is possible to choose between the basic PTX or the extended Safeguard license. 

Safeguard license security features:

  • Emergency calls and alarms: make calls and send alarms via the dedicated emergency call button.
  • Lone worker: sets up a response timer that triggers an emergency call if no activity is detected by the device (e.g. no button presses at certain intervals).
  • Fall alert: can detect when a user has fallen or stopped and automatically initiate a call.
  • Ambient interception: transmits sounds from the environment to staff.

Motorola Safeguard license for Wave TLK25 radios contains the following functions also:

  • WAVE PTX - Broadband PTT(Push-To-Talk) communication
  • WAVE PTX Fleet Manager
  • Full voice assistant capabilities
  • Group and private PTT calls
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Priority talkgroup search
  • PTT lock/unlock
  • Voice message cancellation
  • Emergency source identification
  • Compatibility with MOTOTRBO devices
  • Large talk groups (up to 3000 talk groups)
  • Dynamic location-based speech group
  • Remote talkgroup enable/disable

The basic PTX Wave license contains only the following basic options:

  • WAVE PTX - Broadband PTT(Push-To-Talk) communication
  • WAVE PTX Fleet Manager
  • Full voice assistant capabilities
  • Group and Private PTT calls
  • Real-time presence
  • Do not disturb
  • Priority talkgroup scan
  • PTT lock/unlock
  • Background calling
  • Voice message fallback

Important information: initial setup, programming, activation of licences and fleet setup are free of charge. If you need to make further changes after the initial setup, our technicians will be happy to help you. In this case, an hourly technician fee will be charged. For more information about our technician fees, please contact us at the phone numbers in the Contact menu or send us a message. The integration of devices, licenses and talk groups when expanding your fleet - if purchased from Anico Ltd. - will be carried out free of charge by our technicians.


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