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Radio ear sets for both work and leisure!

Anico Hamshop currently offers a wide range of audio accessories, but we have expanded our range to meet your needs.

Recently, we have been able to acquire special ear sets, that are essential for certain hobby activities (e.g. when both hands are occupied), and work areas (especially if you work in noisy areas).

Anico's AFFH6611-M2 and AFFH6611-M1 earphone microphones are mainly recommended for closed helmets, as the microphone can be easily attached to the helmet with velcro. This makes it perfect for communication while riding a motorbike, even on the race track.

  • AFFH6611-M2 is compatible with Motorola T62, T72,T82, T82 Extreme, T82 Extreme RSM, T82 Extreme Quad, T92; T80, T80 Extreme & XT185.
  • AFFH6611-M1 is compatible with Motorola GP300, CP040, CP140, DP1400, XT420, XT460, XT660, CLR & Yaesu FT-25, FT-65, FT-4XE, FT-4VE.

Anico's AFFH6611-M2 and AFFH6611-M1

If you are using an open helmet, we recommend the Anico ATH6600-M2 microphone headphones. With a PTT button that attaches to your finger, you can easily control communication while your hands are on the handlebars and wearing your helmet. Especially useful for cyclists and open-face helmets.

  • Compatible with Motorola T62, T72,T82, T82 Extreme, T82 Extreme RSM, T82 Extreme Quad, T92; T80, T80 Extreme and XT185.

Anico ATH6600-M2

If you're skydiving, the Anico ATH9274-M2, ATH9274-C1 and ATH9274-M1 earhooks are the best solution for communication. The earloops fit easily into your ears, so you can move and communicate freely at the same time.

It can also be useful for work in safety masks, helmets and motorcycle helmets.

  • The ATH9274-M2 is compatible with Motorola T62, T72,T82, T82 Extreme, T82 Extreme RSM, T82 Extreme Quad, T92; T80, T80 Extreme and XT185.
  • The ATH9274-C1 is compatible with Caltta PH600, PH660, PH690.
  • The ATH9274-M1 is compatible with Motorola GP300, CP040, CP140, DP1400, XT420, XT460, XT660, CLR and Yaesu FT-25, FT-65, FT-4XE, FT-4VE.

Anico ATH9274-M2, ATH9274-C1 and ATH9274-M1

The ANCH8200 noise-cancelling headphones with leather headband and optional cables are now available for pre-order from Anico Hamshop. Ideal for people working in industrial, security and construction environments. It provides a suitable solution for concerts, festivals, sporting events where high volume levels make communication through normal headphones inappropriate. 

Optional cables for the Anico ANCH8200 noise-cancelling headphones can be purchased separately:

  • 5D-C1 5 pole DIN / C1 cable with PTT for Caltta PH600, PH660 and PH690 radios.
  • 5D-K 5 pole DIN / K cable with PTT for Wouxun and Kenwood handheld radios with 2 pole connector.
  • 5D-M1 5 pole DIN/M1 cable with PTT for Motorola CP040, DP1400, XT420, XT460, XT660, GP300, CLR and Yaesu FT25/65E / FT-4XE, FT-4VE radios.
  • 5D-M2 5 pole DIN / M2 cable with PTT for Motorola Talkabout T62, T72, T82, T82 Extreme, T92, XT185 transceivers.
  • 5D-PC1 5-pin DIN/C type cable with PTT for eChat E350 and E360 transmitters.
  • 5D-PC6 5 pole DIN / PC6 cable with PTT for eChat E600 and E690 radios.


In addition to those listed, you will find a wide range of ear sets and headsets on the website. If you have any questions, please contact our staff!

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