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Other accessories

Other accessories
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Manufacturer: Yaesu

Yaesu MHG-1 SIDE CARRY HANDLE / Yaesu FT-450D, FTDX10, FT-710, FT-991

Product number: AAE68X011
8.83 EUR
On stock
Yaesu MHG-1 SIDE CARRY HANDLE / Yaesu FT-450D, FTDX10, FT-710, FT-991
Manufacturer: Yaesu


Product number: A09430001
10.86 EUR
On stock

Yaesu CT-44 microphone adapter for Yaesu VX-2, FT-60, FT1DE, FT2DE, FT3DE, FT5DE transceivers.

Motorola HLN9457A Terminal Kit / Motorola DM1400, DM1600, DM2600

Product number: HLN9457A
14.18 EUR
On stock
Motorola HLN9457A terminal kit for Motorola DM1400, DM1600, DM2600, CM5000, MTM5400, MTM800E radios.
Manufacturer: Yaesu

Yaesu MMB-90 BRACKET / FT-450, FT-991A

Product number: AAF38X001
19.87 EUR
Back Order
Yaesu MMB-90 barcket for Yaesu FT-450 and FT-991A transceivers.


Product number: PMLN7079AR
22.25 EUR
On stock
Motorola PMLN7079AR lanyard kit for Motorola CLK446 transceivers.
Manufacturer: Anico

Doggy ultrasonic dog alarm

Product number: DOGGY
23.10 EUR
On stock

The Doggy ultrasonic dog deterrent, which easily fits in your pocket, helps to deter unwanted dogs by emitting ultrasound. High frequency ultrasound, inaudible to the human ear, but not tolerated by dogs. This sound does not harm the dogs, but it is very unpleasant for them, so they stop, back off and run away. The sound causes the dog to stop the unwanted behaviour. The device is also often used for training, to train dogs to behave in a certain way or to prevent them from being in dangerous situation.

Manufacturer: Yaesu


Product number: AAF22X001
36.33 EUR
On stock
Yaesu FH-2 remote keyboard for Yaesu desktop amateur radios FT-950, FT-2000, FTDX-1200, FTDX-3000, FTDX-5000, FT-991A, FT-891, FTDX-101D, FTDX-10, FT-710.
Manufacturer: Yaesu

Yaesu BU-4 bluetooth unit /FTM-200DE, FTM-6000

Product number: BU-4
37.78 EUR
On stock
Yaesu BU-4 bluetooth unit for Yaesu FTM-200DE, FTM-6000 mobile transmitters. Allows the use of Bluetooth headsets such as the Yaesu SSM-BT10 with the transceiver. Safe and convenient communication without cables!


Product number: AAG55X003
94.44 EUR 47.22 EUR
47.22 EUR 50%
On stock
Yaesu FT-8800 front panel for Yaesu FT-8800 amateur transceivers.

Caltta Bluetooth PTT button / for PH600, PH660, PH690 transceivers

Product number: AH300
113.88 EUR 68.33 EUR
45.55 EUR 40%
On stock

Caltta Bluetooth PTT button for Caltta PH600, PH660, PH690 transceivers. With the Bluetooth PTT button, you do not need to touch the PTT button on the transceiver or the PTT button on the microphone. Just press the button on your finger and you are in live communication. This accessory can be useful while driving, riding a motorbike or even while working, as you can discreetly start talking without being noticed.

Manufacturer: Hytera

Hytera BRK36 wall mounting bracket kit / Hytera HR655

Product number: BRK36
126.24 EUR
Back Order
Wall-mount installation brackets for DMR repeater Hytera HR655.

Motorola PMLN8401A WP300 Bluetooth PTT pod with translucent tube earpiece / TLK 100, TLK 110, TLK 150

Product number: PMLN8401A
173.44 EUR
Back Order
Motorola WP300 Bluetooth PTT pod with translucent tube earpiece.