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SDRPlay range expanded with two new SDR receivers

Finally, the long-awaited new SDRPlay receivers, the RSP1B and RSPdx-R2, have arrived. Let's see how these new devices differ from their predecessors and why the changes were necessary.

SDRplay új termékek

Due to problems with the global supply chain, the existing SDR products had to be slightly redesigned by the manufacturer to ensure a continuous supply to their partners.

Improvements have been incorporated into each new member of the RSP family, and the changes have given the manufacturer the opportunity to offer performance improvements in the new products while ensuring supply.


SDRPlay announced the release of the RSP1B in January 2024, which is an enhanced version of the RSP1A. With this, the manufacturer has also ended the production of RSP1A receivers.

The main additional advantages of the RSP1B over the RSP1A are:

  1. It is housed in a strong black painted steel case.
  2. It has significantly improved noise performance below 1MHz (i.e for MF, LF and below), and in the 50-60 MHz region. There are also noticeable noise improvements in the 3.5-5.5MHz and 250-320MHz spectrum.
  3. It has improved signal handling at HF frequencies.

Comparison table:

SDR összehasonlító táblázat 2024

This video shows the improved noise performance at LF frequencies:

YouTuber TechMinds has also made a video about the RSP1B and demonstrates some of the features of SDRplay's new SDRconnect software for Windows, MacOS and Linux/Raspberry Pi:

More features of the SDRPlay RSP1B can be found on the product page: SDRPlay RSP1B radio spectrum processor

SDRPlay RSPdx-R2

On May 10, 2024, SDRPlay introduced the new RSPdx-R2 receiver, an enhanced version of the RSPdx.

The RSPdx-R2 provides up to 10 MHz of spectrum visibility from 1kHZ to 2GHz, with no gaps. Compared to the RSPdx, improvements have been made for MF frequencies and below, improved noise performance below 1MHz, improved dynamic range below 2MHz in both tuner mode and HDR mode.

In other respects, it has almost the same additional features as the cheaper single-antenna SDR RSP1B, but with a few differences.

The RSPdx-R2 has 3 software selectable inputs, including a BNC input up to 200MHz, 500 kHz LPF for LF/VLF, HDR mode for enhanced performance below 2MHz (using free SDRuno or SDRconnect software), Notch filters on all inputs.

For more features of the SDRPlay RSPdx-R2, please visit the product page: SDRPlay RSPdx-R2 single-tuner wideband 14-bit SDR receiver

Our company, Anico Kft. has been a key partner of SDRPlay manufacturer for almost 5 years. We are convinced that SDRPlay is a dominant player in the European SDR market, its entry-level SDR products bring radio amateurs - who prefer traditional transmitters - closer to the world of modern IT-driven radio operation. We're delighted to bring you these fantastic SDR products. You can find the 2 latest SDR receivers in the Anico range and don’t forget, we ship worldwide!

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