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What do you have to know about weather stations?

27/04/2017 12:42:00 PM

Did you know that weather stations are getting more and more popular? Not only we get precise information on the current weather, but historical data can also be retrieved and displayed. The wireless weather stations have colour or black/white LCD displays, robust sensors, and some models even have WiFi connectivity.  Their outstanding function is the alarm, which is triggered when the sensors detect extreme weather conditions.

Although these are not specifically amateur radio products, but they have been offered by Anico for a long time. Currently we have 4 types of Watson weather stations in stock, with different features to meet the most possible demands.

  *   Touch-screen LCD displays

  *   Date and time synchronized to an atomic clock

  *   Monitoring internal and external temperature

  *   Display of wind speed and direction

  *   Rain gauge

  *   Display of internal and external humidity

  *   Barometer with an expected atmospheric pressure data

  *   Weather forecast and alarm

  *   Storage and retrieval of historical data

After installation, you can register the weather stations at the following web address: