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266.30 EUR (221.92 EUR + VAT)
Model: AAD77X013
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3-year warranty
for Yaesu and Standard Horizon radios
2-year warranty
for Motorola Soluitons licensed professional radios & repeaters
1-year warranty
for all other products
266.30 EUR (221.92 EUR + VAT)


Yaesu FC-40 automatic external tuner 100W for Yaesu Yaesu FT-857, FT-897, FT-891, FT-991A, FTDX-101D radios.  The Yaesu FC-30 includes a cooling fan to ensure thermal stability of the critical matching elements within its compact case. 

The Yaesu FC-40 is a microprocessor-controlled antenna impedance matching network designed for use with the FT-950, and all versions (original and “D”) of the Yaesu FT-450, FT-857, and FT-897 HF/VHF/UHF Transceivers.

The Yaesu FC-40 makes use of control circuitry inside the transceiver, allowing the operator to monitor and control operation of the Yaesu FC-40, which mounts near the antenna feedpoint. Fully waterproof, the FC-40 may be mounted outdoors in exposed locations, and will handle a 100 Watts of transmitter power. 

The Yaesu FC-40 is designed for operation on 7 ~ 54 MHz, when using an 8’ whip like the YAESU YA-007, or on 1.8 ~ 54 MHz when used with a random-length wire longer than 66’. Matching time is typically five seconds or less, and the required drive power is 4 ~ 60 Watts.

The Yaesu FC-40 sports a whopping 200 match-setting-point memories, for instant recall of the tuning settings.

Yaesu FC-40 automatic external tuner specifications:

  • Operating Frequency Range 1.6 to 54 MHz with 20+m end-fed wire
  • 7 to 54 MHz with YA-007 HF 2.5m Mobile Whip Aerial.
  • Input Impedance 50ω
  • Maximum Input Power 100W (3 minutes MAXIMUM continuous TX)
  • Matched SWR 2.0:1 or less (if antenna is not near a multiple of λ/2)
  • Tune-up Power 4 - 60W
  • Tune-up Time 8 seconds maximum
  • Impedance Matching Memories 200 channels
  • Power Supply 13.8 VDC ±15% (supplied from transceiver via control cable)
  • Case Size (W x H x D, mm) 228 x 175 x 55
  • Weight (approx, kg) 1.2


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