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Release of the Upgraded Version of the FTM-400 and FT1D

12/02/2016 10:15:00 AM
Release of the Upgraded Version of the FTM-400 and FT1D
We are pleased to introduce the System Fusion radios, FTM-400XD and FTlXD. These new product models will replace the current versions of these two popular radios.

Both of the new FTM-400XD and FT1XD include the improved GPS receivers (66ch) that employ the latest GPS technology providing faster and more accurate satellite searching functionality. These advancements will reduce GPS Time-to-First- Fix (TTF) thereby speeding up navigation and telemetry functions; which must be very attractive advantages to promote these two models as continuing key products to enjoy the System Fusion features.

Moreover, some of advanced features will be added to both of the new versions of the radios. The battery come with the FT1XD will be upgraded to the SBR-14Li 2200mAh Li-ion Battery, and the supplied Belt Clip will be also improved to the alligator type SHB-13 which is currently one of the popular optional accessories for this handheld as the durable belt clip.

The FTM-400XD will be equipped with a small easy-open cap on the top same as the FTM-1000, allowing quick and easy firmware updates by operators without opening the radio as ever. 

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