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Motorola Solutions

Safety accessories for bicycle / motorcycle transceiver use

22/04/2024 11:11:00 AM

We'll show you some tips for safe and comfortable use, so everyone gets home safe and sound!

Hytera AP515LF vs Motorola XT420 comparison test

16/04/2024 09:22:00 AM

While the Motorola XT420 is not a modern-day product, it still holds its own in today's PMR446 unlicensed industrial transceiver market. However, there have been several great alternatives that have appeared on the market over the years, from which we highlight the Hytera AP515LF now.

What to Know About Transceiver Batteries and their Charging

28/02/2024 01:12:00 PM

 In this post, we have compiled some important information and tips on transceiver batteries and how to charge them.

All about explosion-proof ATEX certification

31/01/2024 01:50:10 PM

The term "ATEX transceiver" refers to the ATEX Directive, which stands for "Atmosphères Explosibles".

Chatting on snowy slopes: Radio tips for winter sports

13/12/2023 09:32:21 AM

Radio communication can offer an excellent solution in the winter cold, allowing easy and efficient communication with others despite the cold weather.

Emergency call and alarm: useful signalling functions in transceivers

13/11/2023 08:43:00 AM
Manufacturers are adding a number of great safety features to the basic capabilities of their transceivers, let's look at the most important ones.

New flagship in Motorola's portfolio? The R2 has arrived!

14/08/2023 02:36:25 PM
The long-heralded Motorola Mototrbo R2 handheld transceiver finally arrived mid-summer. But why have we been waiting so excitedly for this industrial radio?

3-in-1 smart device from Motorola - Introducing MOTOTRBO ION

20/07/2023 01:25:00 PM

There is always something new and interesting being launched by a big manufacturer.

IP Protection of Transceivers

21/04/2023 11:29:43 AM

IP and IPX protection play an important role in the safe use of electronic devices, especially transceivers. The IP marking defines the level of protection the device provides against solid particles and liquids.

Do you use a walkie talkie in the snow or cold? Watch out for these!

03/03/2023 01:26:27 PM

Walkie-talkies can be useful in the winter, but there are a few things to look out for. It's not just people who can get "cold" in the cold.