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Motorola Solutions

All about explosion-proof ATEX certification

31/01/2024 01:50:10 PM

The term "ATEX transceiver" refers to the ATEX Directive, which stands for "Atmosphères Explosibles".

Chatting on snowy slopes: Radio tips for winter sports

13/12/2023 09:32:21 AM

Have you ever tried to make a call on your mobile phone with gloves on while waiting in line for the ski lift? Modern mobile phones are not designed for these conditions. Their batteries cannot handle the cold, you can't type on the touch screen with gloves, and they are also very fragile devices.

Emergency call and alarm: useful signalling functions in transceivers

13/11/2023 08:43:00 AM
Modern transceivers are known for having a number of safety features that not only facilitate the process of calling for help, but also increase safety. Manufacturers are adding a number of great safety features to the basic capabilities of their transceivers, let's look at the most important ones.

Safety accessories for bicycle / motorcycle transceiver use

14/09/2023 01:33:03 PM

Safety and comfort are top priority when using two-way radio on two wheels. With this in mind, accessory manufacturers are constantly developing products specifically designed to help cyclists and motorcyclists communicate. Where do you put your transceiver on your bike or motorbike? Do you hang it around your neck or wear it around your waist? Do you let go of the handlebars when you want to press the PTT button? We'll show you some tips for safe and comfortable use, so everyone gets home safe and sound!

New flagship in Motorola's portfolio? The R2 has arrived!

14/08/2023 02:36:25 PM
The long-heralded Motorola Mototrbo R2 handheld transceiver finally arrived mid-summer. But why have we been waiting so excitedly for this industrial radio? Because the R2 is set to replace Motorola's hugely popular handheld transceiver, the DP1400.

3-in-1 smart device from Motorola - Introducing MOTOTRBO ION

20/07/2023 01:25:00 PM

There is always something new and interesting being launched by a big manufacturer. They announce the product, they publish some rendered images, some videos are made. And then we start waiting, waiting and waiting... For the Motorola ION we had been waiting for exactly one year, but now we believe that waiting was worth it! Here's our review on the world's most complex transceiver.

IP Protection of Transceivers

21/04/2023 11:29:43 AM

IP and IPX protection play an important role in the safe use of electronic devices, especially transceivers. The IP marking defines the level of protection the device provides against solid particles and liquids.

Do you use a walkie talkie in the snow or cold? Watch out for these!

03/03/2023 01:26:27 PM

Walkie-talkies can be useful in the winter, but there are a few things to look out for. It's not just people who can get "cold" in the cold.

PMR446 frequency table

27/01/2023 11:16:58 AM

Since 2018, you are no longer limited to using only 8 channels with PMR446 transceivers/walkie talkies, but - thanks to an EU regulation - you can also use up to 16 channels, or  even 32 channels if you have dPMR devices. The table below shows which channel represents which frequency. For programming industrial PMR radios, this guide is particularly useful.

2+1 transceivers for the really professional hunters

20/09/2022 11:14:35 AM
It's the beginning of autumn and the hunting season has started. The hunting parties are getting ready, the shoots are starting. It's worth taking a look at your equipment and deciding if you need to renew some of your equipment.