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Some words about new radios and new repeaters

14/07/2017 11:20:00 AM
Some words about new radios and new repeaters
A nyár kellős közepén járunk és többnyire mindnyájan a hamarosan bekövetkező nyaralásra, pihenésre gondolunk. Mi az Aniconál egészen biztosan, hiszen az idén egyszerre veszi ki a 10 napos szabadságát a híradástechnikai üzletág július 21-től augusztus 1-ig. Ezidő alatt bezárjuk az ajtót és sem telefonon sem emailben nem leszünk elérhetőek. Ha valaki mégis ezidő alatt próbál minket keresni attól türelmet kérünk. Augusztus elsejétől kezdjük el sorrendben feldolgozni a beérkezett webáruházas megrendeléseket és egyéb emaileket. Emiatt augusztus elején lehet némi csúszás a kiszállításokban.

It is almost mid-summer, and most of us think about the upcoming holidays and relaxing. We at Anico surely do that, since this year the whole telecommunication division take their 10-day holidays from July 21 to August 1. Door will be closed, and we will not be available by telephone or e-mail either. If someone still wants to find us in this period, we ask for their patience. From August 1, we re-start processing the incoming Webshop orders and other e-mails. This might cause some delays in the deliveries.

For those who are fond of the C4FM it is bad news that the sixty-plus pieces of the FT1XDE handheld transceivers are sold out at the special price. Good news is that we still have FT2DE radios and soon the new digital FT70DE will be available. Watch our autumn newsletters.

Also good news, that another three new repeaters will be added to the C4FM network. We hope that finally the duplex filter of the Budapest R3 repeater is tuned, and C4FM can be started on VHF. At the same QTH an UHF C4FM repeater will be installed, thus Budapest will be covered for handhelds on both the VHF and UHF bands. In autumn the Mecsek C4FM repeater is expected to be operational, so the Southern region will be included in the network. We also plan, that in September a node will be installed at the UHF repeater of Kiskőhát, which is already C4FM, but it is not yet included in the network, in lack of internet access.

Meanwhile, the promised analog radios arrived. The parameters of the FT25E VHF FM and the FT65E duobander FM radios can be found on the YAESU webpage, or in our webshop.

It is also a novelty, that from September, FT-991 radios can be upgraded to FT-991A. Visit our webshop in a few weeks.

Since it is summer, and we’ve got one foot in the holidays already, even this bulletin is shorter than usual.

For those who already spent their holidays, I wish another turn, for those who have not, I wish pleasant holidays on behalf of the Anico KFt staff.

József Dévényi


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