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eChat PoC

Emergency call and alarm: useful signalling functions in transceivers

13/11/2023 08:43:00 AM
Modern transceivers are known for having a number of safety features that not only facilitate the process of calling for help, but also increase safety. Manufacturers are adding a number of great safety features to the basic capabilities of their transceivers, let's look at the most important ones.

A Year in Service – eChat Transceivers at the Szombathely Public Space Inspectorate

21/06/2023 11:51:40 AM

Szombathely is the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in Hungary. The city's Public Space Inspectorate covers an area of 97.5 km², using 14 eChat transmitters and a Dispatch System for communication on a daily basis for more than a year..

We were curious to see how the radios were working, so we called Sándor Ágoston, head of the Public Space Inspectorate, and asked him for a mini interview.

IP Protection of Transceivers

21/04/2023 11:29:43 AM

IP and IPX protection play an important role in the safe use of electronic devices, especially transceivers. The IP marking defines the level of protection the device provides against solid particles and liquids.

Do you use a walkie talkie in the snow or cold? Watch out for these!

03/03/2023 01:26:27 PM

Walkie-talkies can be useful in the winter, but there are a few things to look out for. It's not just people who can get "cold" in the cold.

Anico Kft. is officially the exclusive distributor of Caltta Technologies in Hungary!

30/11/2022 08:43:18 AM
After several years of cooperation, we have officially become the exclusive distributor of Caltta Technologies products in Hungary.

eChat E720, taking internet radio to a new level

06/10/2022 11:23:00 AM

For now, only demo units are available, but soon the shipment will arrive and the device will be available for purchase from Anico Kft.

Szombathely, history, carnival... and transceivers

14/09/2022 01:30:52 PM

We faced a new and challenging task at the end of August. This year, the 21st Savaria Historical Carnival, the emblematic event of the summer in Szombathely, was held for the 21st time, where we had to install a complex transceiver system with dispatching software.

10 reasons why eChat is the best system to work with

27/04/2022 09:15:08 AM

Certain workflows require a properly qualified team. And well-qualified teams need fast and stable communication.

Prayers next to radio frequencies - IEC closing interview with Gergő Kriszbacher Deputy Commander of the Scouts IEC contingent

29/09/2021 09:49:38 AM

After the International Eucharistic Congress, Gergő Kriszbacher, Deputy Commander of the Scouts-IEC contingent, was interviewed by Cserkész Magazin (Scouting Magazine) about what made the communication between the scouts at the event so smooth.

Changing locations - changing needs. Which transceiver system would be ideal?

16/08/2021 10:05:06 AM
In many sectors, e.g. for companies in the security guarding and event security business, there is no question that reliable, relatively long-range transceivers are the best choice for efficient work management. In which case - in larger factories, changing work locations, etc. - which transceiver system would be ideal?