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Hytera transceivers & accessories

Hytera Communications Corporation Limited is a leading global provider of Professional Mobile Radio communications equipment and solutions. Founded in 1993 in China, weÔÇÖre dedicated to bringing the most value-added and user-centric solutions to organisations across the world, to help them meet the demands of their modern workforce. Hytera has more than 90 subsidiaries and offices worldwide, including 8 innovation and development centres in China, Germany, Spain, and Canada.

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Hytera EH-02 G-hook earphone / Hytera ACM-01

Product number: EH-02
14.04 EUR
Back Order

Hytera EH-02 G-hook earphone. Ergonomically designed swivel earpiece (Receive only) with 3.5mm jack plug. To be used with PTT&MIC cable or remote speaker microphone.

Manufacturer: Hytera

Hytera EHN36-P C-earset PTT/VOX earphone / AP/BP series

Product number: EHN36-P
14.62 EUR
On stock
Hytera EHN36-P C-earset PTT/VOX earphone for AP and BP series Hytera radios. Compatible radios: Hytera AP515, AP585, BP515, BP565, AP515LF, AP525LF, BP515LF.
Manufacturer: Hytera

Hytera EHN37-P D-earset PTT/VOX earphone / AP/BP series

Product number: EHN37-P
19.89 EUR
On stock
Hytera EHN37-P D-earset PTT/VOX earphone for Hytera AP and BP series radios. Product includes chip for original Hytera verification.
Manufacturer: Hytera

Hytera EAN30-P acoustic tube earset / Hytera AP/BP series

Product number: EAN30-P
21.06 EUR
On stock
Hytera EAN30-P earpiece with in-line MIC PTT & Transparent Acoustic Tube for AP5/BP5 series.

Hytera ACM-01 headset cable / Hytera BD, PD4, PD5

Product number: ACM-01
25.74 EUR
On stock

Hytera ACM-01 headset cable, PTT&MIC controller with 3.5 mm audio socket, without earphone. For Hytera BD, PD4 and PD5 series transceivers. Can be used with a range of Hytera earbuds such as ES-01, ES-02, EH-01, EH-02 or EHS20. Unit can be clipped for comfortable wearing. Ingress protection IP54. 

Manufacturer: Hytera

Hytera PC155 Programming cable / AP/BP series

Product number: PC155
29.25 EUR
Back Order
Hytera PC155 Programming cable for AP and BP series Hytera radios. USB type-A to 9-pin connector, length 1.2m. Compatible radios: AP515 LF, AP525 LF, BP515 LF, AP515, AP585, BP515, BP565.
Manufacturer: Hytera

Hytera AP515LF professional analog PMR446 transceiver

Product number: AP515LF
140.41 EUR
On stock
The Hytera AP515 Licence-Free Business Radio is the perfect choice for instant communication. With a 3W speaker, the compact and light Hytera AP515LF can deliver loud and clear audio that allows you to hear and be heard in background noise. It has an incredibly long 25-hour battery life in its most minimal form. The Type-C USB charge plug allows users to charge the radio with a power bank anywhere. With the extended range and a bunch of productivity and efficiency enhancing features, the AP515LF will ensure you stay connected and productive.
Manufacturer: Hytera

Hytera BP365 DMR handheld business radio

Product number: BP365UC
174.39 EUR
On stock
The Hytera BP365 is an ultra-lightweight portable DMR and analogue mode business transceiver. Supports both digital and analogue modes, compatible with your existing digital and analogue systems and terminals. The Hytera BP365 packs innovative features into a thinner and lighter body, features a long-lasting battery, best-in-class audio, and rugged housing. This radio is designed to enhance efficiency and productivity for users working at hotels, logistics, and more.

Hytera BD615 UHF DMR handheld business radio

Product number: BD615U
230.64 EUR
On stock

HyteraÔÇÖs BD615 two-way radio inherits the excellent performance of Hytera TC6 series of analogue products,┬áthat provides professional communication which is easily operated, rugged and reliable. Today, communication┬átools are the key to improved efficiency. When we ask for clear voice, it means wanting a reliable, easy to hear and understand source of communication. Long battery life helps you to maintain control. A rugged and robust device takes the worry out of communicating. High performance combined with a simple user interface helps ensure ease of use. Hytera understands their customerÔÇÖs requirements and provides this all in one solution. With lightweight, easyoperation, excellent performance, long battery life and reliability. We redefine a business radio using Hytera digital technology and quickly responding to what you need.┬á