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Manufacturer: Maxrad

Maxrad, Pctel NMO34 HOLE MOUNT

Product number: NMO34
8.60 EUR
On stock

Maxrad NMO34 HOLE MOUNT 3/4", 19 mm. The PCTEL Maxrad NMO34 vehicle roof mount antenna installation hardware kit is for Motorola-style mobile antennas 0-960 MHz. This NMO mount is a brass permanent mount for a 3/4 inch hole. The PCTEL mobile antenna mount requires you to purchase cable and connectors separately.


Product number: MABO
16.59 EUR 9.95 EUR
6.64 EUR 40%
On stock
Maxrad, PCTEL MABO hole mount 3/8" for Maxrad mobile antennas.
Manufacturer: Maxrad

Maxrad, Pctel MFT-120 MOBILE ANTENNA

Product number: MFT-120
15.58 EUR
On stock

Maxrad, Pctel MFT-120 MOBILE ANTENNA, 118-940 MHz. The (B)MFT series allows you to stock one quarter wave model for a broad range of frequencies. With a removable ball, it enables you to easily tune the antenna to your specified frequency after installation by first by cutting the rod, then by replacing the ball using the set screw.

Maxrad MHB-5800 VHF mobile antenna 144-174 MHz

Product number: MHB-5800
42.32 EUR 25.39 EUR
16.93 EUR 40%
On stock
Maxrad MHB-5800 VHF mobile antenna 144-174 MHz. Bandwidth: 6 MHz, gain (dBd): 3, max. power: 200W, length: 124,5 cm, material: 17-7PH stainless steel.

Maxrad MLB3400 mobil antenna 34-42 MHz

Product number: MLB-3400
45.25 EUR 31.67 EUR
13.57 EUR 30%
On stock
PCTEL lowband quarter wave antennas are a popular choice for State Patrol, Land Management, and other government agencies. These are high quality antennas that provide superior performance in demanding applications. The durable, low-profile coil housing creates a water tight seal when installed that assures long-lasting, reliable operation. These antennas are meant for use on 1-1/8"-18 threaded mounts (NMO) like the PCTEL BMA. They are mounted on flat vertical surfaces like the roof of your vehicle or any mount with a 3/8" to 3/4" hole.


Product number: C150/450C
79.73 EUR 31.89 EUR
47.84 EUR 60%
On stock

Maxrad C150 / 450C dual band vehicle antenna. Frequency: 150 - 174 / 450 - 470 MHz. 5 / 2 dB; 96,5 cm.

Manufacturer: Maxrad


Product number: GM
32.36 EUR
On stock

Maxrad GM MINI MAGNETIC MOUNT + CABLE, CONNECTOR. The PCTEL Maxrad GM-NC mini magnetic mount is a Motorola-style, NMO mobile antenna mount that offers removability and a smaller magnet diameter. No drilling is required for installation making the location of the magnetic mount easy to adjust.


Product number: MBS
44.15 EUR 35.32 EUR
8.83 EUR 20%
On stock

Maxrad, Pctel MBS BASE ADAPTOR KIT FOR MOBILE ANTENNAS. PCTEL MBS base station adapter kit. The MBS adapter allows a mobile VHF or UHF antenna to be used as a base station. By providing radials, the antenna can be used in areas where a ground plane is not available. Will accept any antenna that utilizes 1-1/8 inch 18 thread mounts. Mounts on 1 to 1.75 inch outside diameter masts. Converts any 132 - 512 MHz mobile antenna into a base station.

Manufacturer: Maxrad


Product number: RG
36.26 EUR
On stock
RG magnetic base with rubber grommet, cable and connector. 83 mm diameter magnetic base with rubber grommet, 3,5 m RG-58 cable and UHF plug.

Maxrad, Pctel MFB-1563 VHF BASE ANTENNA 3dB

Product number: MFB-1563
275.61 EUR 82.68 EUR
192.93 EUR 70%
On stock

Maxrad MFB-1563 VHF BASE ANTENNA 3dB. The MFB VHF series consists of base matched half wave antennas encapsulated in a heavy duty fiberglass radomes with a thick walled aluminum mounting base for reliable long term use.