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RM Italy
Model: KL505V
Availability: On stock
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396.06 EUR (332.82 EUR + VAT)


RM ITALY KL505V HF power amplifier with 300W fan. It is specifically recommended for use only with transceivers up to 10W power (e.g. FT-817/818, SUNSDR2 QRP and PRO, or handheld transceivers).
  • Eletronic Switch
  • Inversion polarity protection

Frequency: 25-30MHz (limited to 3-30MHz)
Power supply: 12-14V (reverse polarity protected, not protected against overvoltage, this must be solved in the power supply).
Power consumption: max 3x12A
Drive power: 1-10W. Power above 10W drive power will cause failure of the output transistors, even if you get such a drive for a few milliseconds.
Output power: 60-300 WATT AVG (AM,FM,SSB)
Maximum SWR: 1.5
Preamplifier: 26 dB +/- 3dB

Note: The unit is equipped with RF VOX circuitry, which has a delay that makes high-speed CW transmission difficult. The unit is designed by the manufacturer for the 25-30MHz band, but has limited use in the lower amateur bands (75% power). There are no protection circuits or harmonic filters in the equipment, so these must be installed by the operator. The use of an antenna tuner is recommended. Switch off the power amplifier during tuning!

It is not recommended to use with older FT-857/897 radios because TX transients of the radio power control circuits.

Warranty: The equipment is covered by the manufacturer's warranty for two years, except for end transistors, if the failure is due to causes attributable to: indirect or secondary effects of lightning, overheating, poor ventilation, exceeding specifications such as: overvoltage, high drive power, poor antenna SWR or antenna rupture. To avoid controversy, it is important to note that end transistors are not usually destroyed by other causes. By ordering you accept these warranty conditions, if not, we recommend not to order the device!


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SSB.-ben 30wattal hajtom, és semmi baja nem lett!
Az RM italy honlapján is az szerepel, hogy 2-30 wattal lehet meghajtani!
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