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Motorola boradband PoC IP transceivers - Motorola Solutions transceivers & accessories

Whether you're serving people or saving them...Motorola WAVE PoC system and it's IP radios makes it possible for your teams in the field or in the office, to communicate and collaborate effectively through voice and data – securely, reliably and in real-time – regardless of network, carrier or device. Motorola WAVE PoC, broadband system and IP radios enable interoperable push-to-talk (PTT) communication across broadband and radio networks and devices so that critical, time-sensitive information flows quickly and securely between mobile workers and teams. Whether on a smartphone, radio, computer or landline, your personnel can connect instantly and securely with Motorola WAVE. 

Motorola Solutions, Inc. is an American manufacturer of transceivers and accessories and a market leader in transceiver manufacturing and distribution. The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Motorola Solutions manufactures two-way transceivers and public safety radio systems primarily for first responders and law enforcement agencies. Its systems provide complex solutions for government and private sector applications. The main categories sold by Anico are frequency-licensed transceivers and systems, and free-to-use transceivers and walkie talkies. 
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Product number: GMLN5547A
103.53 EUR
Unique order

Push-To-Talk (PTT) is no longer only for two-way radios. Group communication can now include those who rely on smartphones and broadband devices as well as two-way radios. WAVE is a carrier-indpendent multimedia communication subscription service that instantly connects your team at the push of a button. With Motorola Wave application license you can turn your smaertphone into a PTT device and let everybody be part of the conversation (price is for 1 year). Get the speed and simplicity of PTT with the ability to share multimedia information at the touch of a button. Get all your group communication needs in one easy to use app for Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Motorola WAVE licence for TLK100 & TLK150 POC SIM-free radios / 1 year

Product number: GMLN7744A
176.12 EUR
Unique order
Motorola Wave license for Motorola TLK100 and TLK150 PoC SIM-free transceiver for 1 year. The Motorola Wave TLK PoC transceivers will only work with the purchase of this license. The license ensures that the PoC transceiver connects seamlessly to a central server operated by Motorola over internet network.

Motorola WAVE licence for TLK110 POC SIM-free radios / 1 year

Product number: GMLN7814A
176.12 EUR
Unique order
Motorola Wave license for Motorola TLK110 PoC SIM-free transceiver for 1 year. The Motorola Wave TLK PoC transceivers will only work with the purchase of this license. The license ensures that the PoC transceiver connects seamlessly to a central server operated by Motorola over internet network.

MOTOROLA WAVE TLK 100I POC TRANSCEIVER - demo device at a special price

Product number: HK2119A-sale
403.41 EUR 333.20 EUR
On stock

Motorola Wave TLK100 POC transceiver - demo unit at discount price. Quantity: 4 pcs.

Motorola WAVE TLK 100I POC transceiver / without SIM card

Product number: HK2179A
403.41 EUR
On stock

Combining the broad coverage of a Europe-wide cellular network* with the ease of two-way radio communications, the WAVE radio gets your team connected fast. Keep employees connected and accountable with crisp, clear audio and location tracking in a rugged, compact form factor. Maximise efficiency with single-button push-to-talk and long battery life. And improve focus without a distracting screen to get in the way. Forget building or maintaining a costly radio infrastructure. Get your team up and running quickly by deploying Europe-wide* push-to-talk without the need for costly or time-consuming spectrum licensing or manual programming. You can even use the WAVE radio with your current compatible two-way radio systems and smartphones.

Motorola WAVE TLK 110 PoC internet-based handheld transceiver

Product number: HK2189A
434.35 EUR
Back Order
The TLK 110 combines the flexibility of push-to-talk communication via broadband with the reliability of a rugged, purpose-built radio. With its effortless device management capabilities, the TLK 110 can be optimised for seamless operations, leaving your business safer, smarter and better connected.


Product number: HK2134A-sale
520.03 EUR 440.30 EUR
On stock

Motorola Wave TLK150 POC mobile transceiver - 1 demo transceiver at discount price.

Motorola WAVE TLK 150 POC mobile radio / without SIM card

Product number: HK2182A
520.03 EUR
On stock

Motorola TLK 150 Wave mobile POC broadband radio - rapid, reliable development, use EU-wide. Combine the broad coverage of the cellular network with the ease of two-way radio communications. Quickly deploy in your vehicle fleet. Safely operate while driving, with one button push-to-talk. Manage talk groups and subscriptions in real time. Increase coverage, connections, and productivity without expanding infrastructure.


Product number: GMLN5551A
628.32 EUR
Unique order

Motorola WAVE PTX Dispatch – Centralise communication anywhere

  • Web-based dispatching: Login from any PC to your Motorola Wave PTX dispatcher and get the latest features with no software to install or maintain.
  • Multimedia communication: Share details with an individual or your entire team via text, photo, video or file attachment.
  • Location and mapping: Track your mobile teams on a map and efficiently dispatch workers based on real-time location.

Motorola MOTOTRBO Ion 400-527 MHz UHF & POC multifunctional transceiver / Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, LTE, scanner

Product number: MDH90ZDU9RJ1AN
2,152.37 EUR
Back Order

Motorola MOTOTRBO Ion is a high-tech business communication device with data and multimedia capabilities on Android platform.